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Evil was dumped into this universe. By who is a matter of speculation, but I know, that they were happy to get rid of it.

From that moment on live on this planet was a growing struggle between good and evil.
The world before this invasion was called Eden or Iridu. It was a phantastic place to live. The temperatures were evenly warm and there was no rain and therefore no storms. In the morning a pleasant fog formed above the lands, watering the vegetation. Man had the possibilities to develop and grow. All went smoothly until the first killing. That should have been a sign. Later on fallen angels appeared, who tried to manage mankind. Better to rule on earth, than to be a servant in Heaven. That's how they called the universe they came from.
At that moment Eden was discovered and monitored. Everybody on board the spaceship was excited about the research-posibilities it presented.
The dark powers of the fallen angels deceived mankind, which was swept away into a continuing state of warfare and possible destruction.
And the alien entities grew in power until the world was ruled by a couple of superpowers, fighting for supremacy under the influence and by manipulation of these alien beings.
The Universal Powers helped the human beings. Sort of. This planet was a Earth. A planet with a certain spirit, which produced life and potential. The products of humans were much sought after. Especially jewelry, paintings, music and dance. These were the virtues and the creativity which the Universal Powers had lost. This made Earth a very special place and in a way, essential for the survival of the Powers.
Some needed gold or other minerals to repair the balance of the mother-planet, others needed slaves. certain wildlife or special dna-strains. Smugglers brought the ware to outerspace, from where it was distributed further. The moon was in fact an enormous spaceship, from where the monitoring took place. It was exactly from that point, that he looked on Terra. How peaceful and inviting it looked. But the number of transports grew and many pilots neglected the rules and were plainly visible. More and more videos were put on the internet. Strangely enough nobody dared to ask, where those ufo's went, when they were not sighted.Sightings were not only made by freaks, but by thousands at the same time. These phenomena took place all over the world.

'Aan Leo X, in alle opzichten de grootste paus, van Erasmus van Rotterdam, laatste der theologen, gegroet.' - Desiderius Erasmus, Brieven.

leo x


Always keep in mind, the difference in water-levels. A map will change considerably, when you go back in time.

The underwater-structure at Yonaguni is debated. Is it man-made or is it natural rock. Never mind, when we go far back in to time, let's say 8000 years ago, the area would be dry, inhabited and this intriguing structure would be a centre of worship.

Consider climate-change. Ancient settlements are found on Greenland, where the ice has retreated. The Sahara-dessert once was a green and lush area, with rivers, lakes and abundant wildlife. How do we know? Because ancient artists painted it on the cave-walls.

Thirdly; remind yourself, that the earth beneath our feet is hollow. There are ancient caves discovered all the time. Beneath ancient cities (Jerusalem but New York, as well. It's an old and once mighty place) and monuments (the Gizeh-complex; where near the Sphinx archeologists dig for the Atlantean “Hall of Records”). you can find immense underground-tunnelsystems. In meso-America we find a combination. Underground tunnels, caves and temple-complexes, that are flooded!

Divers retrieved artifacts, that are said to be 18oo years old. In those days the temple was in full use. Even remains of human sacrifice were found.

In the meantime, the Roman legions conquered England.



Weather changes, dangerous floods and erupting volcanoes (7 simultaneously!) are all happening in increasing numbers and are spread all over the world.

The ones rescued have to start all over again, from scrap. You will not get very far, because, in certain areas, the next disaster is waiting, just around the corner.

There are several reasons for these frightening phenomena. Our planet goes through several cycles, so is the sun, the moon, the other planets and the stars. Some are caused by humans and the desserts they create. Animals are still considered to be our right and prey. One big city is creating more polution, radiation and atmospheric heating, than all the cars driving around in it.

Another possible reason are changes in Earth's gravity, the Schumann-resonancy (Earth's humm) and movement of the magnetic poles.

Something to THINK about

Let's assume that15.000 years ago, the last Ice Age ended. A huge amount of water flooded the world and sea-levels rose more than 100 meters. The waters rose gradually, but it happened, that lakes of melted water, broke their icy border and created hughe tsunami's. The rising sea-level caused a break-through in the Meditteranean. The existing inland-lake turned into the Black Sea, flooding a populated area and causing mass-migrations.

In 15.000 BC. one could walk from Denmark to Scotland. A time when mammoths and giant deer roamed the North Sea.


Ajanta Caves


The Master stepped aside. A group of fourteen year-old girls ran past him, giggling, followed by a group of older boys trying to catch up. They were all on their way of the main event of that evening. The hanging.
This town lacked big squares. The reason therefore was, that it used to be a floating city. You could get everywhere skating. A kind of industrial Venice.
In the 20th century the economy opened up. Which meant that the number of vans and busses grew. Many of the canals and rivers did not survive and were transformed into motorways. At this moment you could get everywhere by car.
But not tonight. Near the southern port an old harbor had been filled up with rubble and sand. It was called “The Big Place.”
It could absorb a couple of thousand spectators and it was filled to the rim. Because he was over 7 feet tall, he always found a place, where he could oversee the event and the crowd. The air was filled with anticipation. According to the stories, tonight a villain would be hanged. He was said to have robbed and killed people, raped woman and children, while cursing and calling himself a freedom-fighter. He was caught during a man-hunt which had disturbed the area. Woman and children were kept inside. Man were armed.
At last he was caught. Still he managed to wound several policemen. But now, justice would prevail. The crowd hissed and yelled, when the victim was dragged forward. It looked like he had been beaten up. But the commitment of the crowd grew and they yelled: “Let it be over with. Hang the bastard.”

It took less than five minutes. The crowd fell silent, when the drums started and the man, took one last look at the crowd, the high merchant-houses and 100-year old trees. It was quite pitorresque. Then he was blindfolded and led to the gallows. When he fell, the audience hissed. Then they started to applaud. The hanged man was freed from the rope and put on his feet. He was quite alive. The crowd applauded a long time. This was the last activity of the “Museum-weekend”. Many museums and historical places in our kingdom were open to the public, for free. Cities like mine try to draw as many tourists and strangers as possible. This year it was quite a success. “The Hanging Party”, was an experienced group of entertainers, which performer their “Medieval Hanging”, all over Europe.
The Master stepped into an alley and walked away from the crowd.

In his mind pictures of real hangings flashed by.


De wijsgeer SOCRATES stelde hoge eisen aan een gesprek (dialoog). Het volgende verhaal "De 3 zeven" illustreert dit.

Er kwam eens iemand opgewonden bij Socrates. "Moet je eens horen Socrates, ik moet je vertellen hoe je goede vriend ..." "Stop eens even," zo onderbrak Socrates hem, "Heb je datgene wat je ne wilt vertellen al door drie zeven gezeefd?"
"Drie zeven?", vroeg de bezoeker verwonderd.
"Zeker", sprak de filosoof, "Laten we eens zien of datgene wat je me vertellen wilde al door drie zeven is gegaan. De eerste zeef is die van de waarheid. Ben je nagegaan of alles wat je me wilde vertellen waar is?"
"Nee, het werd me verteld op de markt."
"Maar heb je dan wel het verhaal door de tweede zeef, die van de goedheod getoetst. Gaat het verhaal over goede zaken?", vervolgde Socrates.

Aarzelend zei zijn vriend: "Nee, eigenlijk niet."
"Goed," knikte de wijsgeer. "Dan moeten we de derde zeef gebruiken: is het beslist noodzakelijk dat je datgene vertelt, wat je zo op je hart ligt?"
De bezoeker schudde zijn hoofd. "Noodzakelijk? Nou nee, ...."
"Juist," , glimlachte Socrates. "Praat er dan verder niet over en val jezelf, noch anderen er mee lastig."
unexplained  archeological finds

The Anunnaki (also transcribed as: Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki and other variations) are a group of deities in ancient Mesopotamian cultures (i.e., Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian and Babylonian). The name is variously written "da-nuna", "da-nuna-ke4-ne", or "da-nun-na", meaning something to the effect of "those of royal blood" or 'princely offspring'. Their relation to the group of gods known as the Igigi is unclear — at times the names are used synonymously but in the Atra-Hasis flood myth the Igigi are the sixth generation of the Gods who have to work for the Anunnaki, rebelling after 40 days and replaced by the creation of humans.

According to later Assyrian and Babylonian myth, the Anunnaki were the children of Anu and Ki, brother and sister gods, themselves the children of Anshar and Kishar (Skypivot and Earthpivot, the Celestial poles), who in turn were the children of Lahamu and Lahmu ("the muddy ones"), names given to the gatekeepers of the Abzu temple at Eridu, the site at which the creation was thought to have occurred. Finally, Lahamu and Lahmu were the children of Tiamat (Goddess of the Ocean) and Abzu (God of Fresh Water).


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With this documentary you can reshape your historical timeline and view on the development of mankind.

Klaus Dona, an Austrian historian, presents remarkable artifacts, that underline the existence of civilizations, much older than Sumer or Egypt; a way of writing, older than Sanskrit and world maps, depicting Atlantis and Antarctica without ice.


The topics, I brought to your attention, were chosen intuitively and seemingly at random. But at one time or another, you stumble over dusty and unknown remnants of the Nazi “Third Reich”. A New Age-movement “avant la lettre”, trying to create a new world; based on racial superiority, reviving the ancient “Atlantean Gods”, the masters of the Universe. Dying on the battle-field was a way of speeding up the reincarnation-process. SS-combatforces were feared and took heavy losses.

Nazi-scientists searched for alternative propulsion-systems, free energy and genetic modification.

New Age-followers accept “channeling” as an adequate way to communicate with alien intelligence. So did the Nazi's. Occult circles contacted aliens from the Aldebaran-starsystem. They provided the Nazi-researchers with information, that even led to the desigh, building and flying saucers.

Remember. Much of the rersearch was, with the German engineers and scientists, among which several warcriminals, continued in Great-Britain and the USA


SOMEthing to THINK about

SiTU is partly asthonishment. Wonder over the achievements and dedication of man. Asthonishment over the reality our forefathers perceived and act upon. Mythology, religion and folklore are manifestations of this route to manifestation of potential and enlightenment.

Beautiful cathedrals were build, while the masons and builders believed, that the world was flat.

While engineers were building and developing airplanes, tanks and superior submarines, members of a Nazi-organization, financed by Himmler, were searching world-wide for remnants of Atlantis and proof of the superiority of the Arian race. They were no weirdos, but intelligent and well-educated scientists, technicians and university-professors.

The name of this SS-branch was “Ahnenerbe” (the heritage of the fore-fathers). Enter a “darker side of our collective consciousness.

"Ze zullen nog worden gelezen, wanneer er van jouw geschriften nauwelijks nog een exemplaar op een rommelzolder te vinden is." Arthur Schopenhauer aan zijn moeder Johanna.

Dat de schaamte voor het gedrag van de ouders menigeen niet meer verlaat, blijkt uit de relatie tussen Arthur Schopenhauer en zijn moeder. Zoonlief was een zuurpruim eerste klas en wordt door vewlen gezien als de meest pessimistische filosoof ooit. Zoals in de hogere klasse gebruikelijk was, onderhield Johanna Schopenhauer in Weimar salon aan huis.
Deze bijeenkomsten waren in heel Duitsland beroemd. De kopstukken uit de Duitse Romantiek, Goethe woonde om de hoek, waren daar aanwezig. Behalve gastvrouw was Johanna Schopenhauer ook schrijfster. Arthur had geen hoge dunk van deze geschriften en liet zijn moeder dat ook weten. Zijn geschriften, zo was zijn stelligste overtuiging, zouden de tand des tijds doorstaan, in tegensteling tot de hare, die in de vergeethoek zouden geraken. Moeder Schopenhauer diende haar zoon van repliek. "Van jouw geschriften zal de eerste oplage altijd te krijgen zijn."
Zowel moeder als zoon kregen gelijk. Arthur Schopenhauer's geschriften werden in eerste instantie nauwelijks gelezen, terwijl niemand tegenwoordig nog het werk van Johanna zelf leest.

bron: Scheurkalender Filosofie














Where In The World Are People Most Depressed?Where in the world are people most depressed?
Brutale aap Filmpje

Auschwitz in China






I don't know much about nuclear energy and radio-activity. These kind of experiments were banned from the Empire, a long time ago. Far too dangerous. In our education on the Academy we learned about the chainreactions that occured, sometimes destroying a whole planet. Creating something by way of explosions is a very rude way to change and manipulate the human environment. This kind of technology was secretly introduced in the 19th century and had taken over the world. Most of the ernergy was spend on mobility. People and products circled all around the world. By boat, by train, by plain, bust mostly by car or truck. Speed is a drug. Moblity was said to be the engine of capitalistic economy, but instead it was the infra-structure which consumed huge amounts of land and building and maintaining it costed a fortune. Most of it was wasted. When on a day your car won't start, it may be the end of an area and a way of life. Not enough oxygene, because trees and forrests were all cut down and the oxygen-levels dropped. At first no-one noticed, but after some years fatigue, exhaustion and prolonged sickness became a world wide epidemic. Wearing a mask outside became necessary in the 21st century. Next step were oxygenmasks and places where you could breath “enlightment” for a while.
The bigger and more refined the nuclear tests become, the bigger the long term effects. Nobody realised, yet, that the testing of a nuclear bomb in North-Korea would eventually lead to a massive earthquake in Japan. Killing thousands, but the main result, ironically, was a dramatic accident in a nuclear powerplant. The chainreaction had gotten out of control. The more water was used, to cool down the plants, the more poluted water would reach the sea.
Millions of liters of polluted water are pumped into the sea. Government officials explain, that the ocean will make the radio-active element disappear, never to be found again. Currents will spread it all over the Pacific. A huge amount of water. Strangely enough recently caught fish already contains abnormal amounts of isotopes. When they are separated, they want to unite. This called the Third Law of Attraction. Nuclear residu sticks together and when split it will do its best to be united again. This is no problem for older people, they will die before the decay begins. Children and the unborn will be the real victims.

The title of this episode of Ancient Aliens is quite misleading. The topics don't have much to do with evil, but with mysterious locations on planet Earth.

Our history has been tampered with and lied about. In total confusion the ancient-alien hypothesis is mankind's way to explain our past. Monuments, artefacts and locations have power, which accumulates in the space/timeprocess and through neglect or destruction fade away. They never disappear and in the same continuum try to regain ancient powers and status.

Powers of Old are manifesting themselves on this level, using the carefully orchestrated ufo-disclosure as well as religious fundamentalism as a smoke-screen.

Knowing is not believing. It is part of a process, towards maturity. Potential stepping-stones to be found here.

Listen to the music, carefully. A perfect manipulation-tool.

Mount Fuji, Japan. A "Heavens Gate"; where the earth and the sky meet. PowerPoint (Reincarnation, escape to Nirwana)

Giants did exist in early times. no questions about that. The Bible mentions giants, many myths report about them (Titans) and the great Pharaoh Ramses II hired giants from Sardenia as bodyguards and many future rulers (Charlemagne, Frederick the Great and Napoleon) had elite-regiments of giant-warriors, 7 feet tall or more.

Extreme skeletons have been found on Malta, in India and North-America. But it is all a matter of perspective and relativity. The average height of a soldier in a Medieval War, was about 5 feet. About the same length used as a minimum for US-soldiers, that joined World War 1 (1917).

The average-height of a Dutch-soldier at the moment is about 6 feet and rising. The average height of a Taliban-warrior is several centimeters less. Colonial officers are chosen for their height and posture. Giants.

Another aspect of gigantism is the influence of radiation, gravity, planetary positions, oxygen-content, air-pressure etc..

In laboratories atmospheric conditions have been manipulated. The result: fish and tomatoes grew to extreme proportions and lived/produced much longer. Atmospheric conditions (Ice-age) and planetary-circumstances (polar-shift, change axis) differ. There are periods in our history, when horses, sable-tooth tigers, reptiles and butterflies (and the rest of nature) were enormous. So were the humans, who had to survive these episodes and who would live much longer, than nowadays.

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The Lost Dutchman Mine:
An investigation into why hundreds of gold hunters have died searching for a lost treasure ever since a Dutch prospector wandered out of Arizona's Superstition Mountains in the 1860s. Is there really cursed gold hidden there, as Apache lore suggests?


Some of the most intriguing mysteries cannot be seen. That goes for “the Money-pit”, situated on Oak-island (Nova Scotia, Canada). Essentially a hole inthe ground, that has been excavated more than hundred feet deep. From the first discovery, people have been searching for the treasure, that must have been hidden deep down.

Why this idea, that even made Franklin D. Roosevelt invest in its exploration.

The pit” is constructed in layers of wood, ten feet deep and downwards. In the space between the layers a type of stone was found, not indeginous to the area; one of which, had strange inscriptions on it. A blanket, made of coconut-fibre is a big mystery too. But the bottom of the “Money-pit” was never reached, because at a certain depth, seawater poured in and flooded the hole.

About what is hidden, opinions vary. Pirate treasure, colonial profits from the French, robbed from the Spanish and, the most extreme: the Arc of the Covenant, brought there by the famous “Knights Templar”. Hidden so well, because of the Arc's dangerous radition.

Somebody has gone to great length and effort to construct it, the rise of the sealevel hiding its treasure for now.

Folklore contains a warning. The mystery will be resolved, when 7 lives will be lost. So far, 6 people died trying.

The Last Stand - Democratic Republic of Congo


Science Fraud

Most of what occurs in the practice of science goes on behind closed doors, beyond the prying eye of the public. Nevertheless science and the scientists who conduct its research seem to enjoy an almost religious-like reverence, having been granted a virtual hands-off policy by the public at large to advance and mold the future.
Against this backdrop however, science is increasingly accused of fraud in the pursuit of useful research findings, applications and profits. Scientists like the rest of us try to cut corners, get the papers published, have their ideas for research funded, compete with co-professionals, and vie for glory. It is alleged by many that science fraud is commonplace in a society driven by money and ambition. To be sure science is not a career for the faint of heart. On the contrary science is an aggressive, ruthless business.


wat me rest

zijn grijze flarden

waar te blijven

ik weet het niet

een enkel licht

dat fier bleef branden

maar het waarom

dat ken ik niet

in het monotone grommen

verdringt de eenling

zijn verdriet

weiger dit geluid te horen

maar mijn naam

ik hoor hem niet

ik zoek je

met gesloten ogen

tast met een gebalde hand

wat me raakt

zal ik nooit weten

de mond gesloten

gevuld met zand


He took the deck of cards in his hand and immediately felt the connection. He allowed the energy to flow and underwent the strange sensation of being possesed.
He broke the spell by hustling the cards slowly. Giving El and Laura a blank, basic card had been an impulse. But he didn't worry about that. He had grown old by learning to follow his intuition. Anything that is not given is lost, as they say in India. When you are out of money, start a shrine. And they did.
These cards were his personal cards. They had been in the family for generations. He discovered them one evening on the attic. A forbidden, mysterious place filled with strange stuff; cuppards, boxes, trunks and piles of book. It were the books he was interested in. In the years after the war, the level of education had dropped dramatically. Being a bright and eager student he was bored most of the time. His teachers got frightened of him. He gave answers to questions, he was not supposed to know or saying litteraly his teachers thoughts. It took five years before the final battle took place. Hans, a local looser, who was not as tall, but a year older and 30 pounds heavier, attacked him in the schoolyard. It was over in seconds.
At the end he was sitting on the back of his opponent hammering his head against the stones. He was dragged away and expelled from school.

The cards played an important role in my life. Though in the beginning I had no idea what they were, where they belonged to and what you could achieve with it. You can compare them with the cards Roger Zelazny uses in his Amber-books. They can do all that and more. Every card is a singularity, a frozen vacuum with a inprinted network of nano possibilities. They function the best as a pack, but you can use them individually and even when they are broken. Each layer of the card, which number seemed endless, looked like a deliberately broken mirror, which could be filled and operationalized by the owner. Cards differed. Because everybody was using them there was a difference in quality, possibilities and hidden possibilities. Some cards were specialized, for instance travelcards, which could bring him all around the place; others were used a library, laboratories and data processing. Now that he had finally found a place to stay, the Academy gave him the opportunity to spread his findings and insights. The battle could begin and operation “Mind-fuck”, he planned for so long, would be operational soon. But the most interesting cards were the personal ones. Faces that stared him in the eyes. His Royal Family; owners of the planet Earth.


Importing the ware, importing the diseases.

“Money, you get out of a machine, from your parents or for doing, almost nothing.” That's what young people think nowadays and it proofs right almost all the time. With money, which is essentially free, you can buy things, for free. This is how things go and enormous efforts had to be put in brainwashing the population, that this was the right thing to do and growing wealth and consumption were a proof of the superiority of a global economy, based on liberal and capitalistic principals. This worldview is hammered in their brains by multi-layered media-exposure, orchestrated by some Universal powers, through their manipulation-empires.

Most of the people in the so-called “Free World”, not only the young, have no idea about the way their consumption patterns are made possible. No only is much stuff produced in poor countries with dictatorial regimes, using the population for cheap labor. Modern slavery, but necessary to produce the latest mobile phone, fashion or convertible. It makes every-body happy and it keeps people focused on irrellivancy. Do people have any idea how many acres of fertile land, in countries who cannot feed themselves, is used for growing coffee. The same goes for tea. Both products are vulnerable. Carefully selected species were developed, which produced the best rice, the tastiest coffee or a nutricious banana. Pesticides were needed, because the insects liked them too. At the moment there signs worldwide that the bugs have won. This is a situation, that made the Chinese Emperors build, through slave-labor by the way, the immense Wall, thousands of miles long, to protect them from invaders. It did not help. The Mongols were one of the invaders, which conquered the Empire. New Mongols were on the way. Bugs and bacteria had appeared, which seemed to like our strongest pesticides. It did kill of most of the bees as a side-effect.
When this happens, the total world food supply will collapse and a disaster is immanent. Worldwide food shortage, especialy in Africa, will be the result.
But the Western world will be hit the hardest. They are used to buy all kind of vegetables, plants and fruits all year around. Cheap import will be stopped. America and the European countries will enter a new area.


By the will of one, all or nothing shall be done.

When you want to use some-one else's brain and programmed actions of human beings as part of your achievements and strategy, you have to considered that this is a very delicate process. Ancient techniques are almost forgotten and you need a lot of power (money, influence) to play a role. Most seats are taken. They say that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The experiments in this universe were in their final phase. Soon they would realise that everything had been shrinking and condensing in a way, they could not understand. To distract them and keeping them from drawing significant conclusions, their mindsets had to be continously reinforced, to perceive the world as something normal. Television and cinema had been quite useful. But the system desintegrated. People had too much room for their own choices and far too much money to spend on this terrain. It brought a lot of money, selling and reselling old stuff again and again. Every time promising the consumers to bring them closer to reality. Not the reality of the world, but the reality of entertaining and distraction. Couch potatoes. But to really get into some-one's mind, you have to program him on a regular basis. In church for instance or during the weather report. Sports always had a lot of possibilities, especially football. What once was a looked upon activity from the lower classes and slaves, had been transformed in a independent universe, filled with money, glamor and power. Much money had been invested in colossal stadiums where the games were played. There were only seats available and people were paying a substantial amount of money to sit on these chairs. What they did not know, that the chairs were wired. Every emotion of the occupant could be monitored. On the other hand the supporter's emotions could be manipulated. Euphoria or despair, you just had to push the right buttons. But that was only the beginning. The whole stadium was one big machine, best to be compared to the famous starship Enterprise.
Why they do that. Well it all about power, money, glamor and hysteria. A growing industry to distract humankind. But the main purpose is betting. You understand, what the super-rich do to come through the day? They bet. Sports is like Las Vegas to them and the super-rich cannot loose!.

Video: zinkgat slorpt vijver en bomen op in Bosniƫ (en groeit nog)

De bewoners van het afgelegen Bosnische dorpje Sanica zijn bezorgd. Op de plaats waar enkele dagen geleden nog een vijver lag, gaapt nu een grote krater. Een zinkgat heeft de vijver en enkele omstaande bomen opgeslorpt   
'Vissen sprongen uit het water en plots werd een grote pruimenboom naar beneden getrokken alsof iemand er met een haak een ferme ruk aangaf,' zei een getuige.
De vijver had een diameter van circa 20 meter en een diepte van 8 meter. De 'afgrond', zoals de bewoners de krater noemen, heeft een diameter van 50 meter en een diepte van 30 meter en wordt volgens de bewoners nog elke dag groter. Dat is ook op videobeelden te zien.
Indianen mogelijk afkomstig uit Europa
Uit DNA-analyse blijkt dat de voorvaderen van de eerste inwoners van Amerika genetisch verwant zijn met West-Europese volkeren. Indianen mogelijk afkomstig uit Europa
2013 wellicht een van de 10 warmste jaren
2013 wellicht een van de 10 warmste jaren
Het jaar 2013 is nu al het zevende warmste jaar sinds het begin van de metingen in 1850 met meer weerextremen en een grotere impact van stormen zoals de tyfoon Haiyan in de Filipijnen.

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These are the days, when mankind contemplates on the origins of evil. To be like the Gods is one of them. The Serpent in the Garden of Eden seduces Eve, with this argument. The punishment is severe and God drives the first humans out of Paradise into the “barren” planes of Earth. Here mankind is confronted with evil again. Satan, the Devil, is a former angel, who rebelled against God, was defeated, and expelled from Heaven, to the mortal plains. In this way, Satan and Adam and Eve, have in common, that both are punished by God for their disobedience. Satan refuses to kneel in front of God's creation. Maybe he was, the human couple was not so perfect after all. The name of the angel was Lucifer, created from fire and a messenger between God and his Creation. In some circles (Freemasonry) Lucifer is revered, as “the Lightbringer”. He is one of the mytho-historical figures, who helpes mankind and teached us knowledge and technology, the Gods don't want man to have. Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to mankind and was heavenly punished for it.

This view on the Devil-concept is hidden in plain sight. In Dutch f.i. matches are called “lucifers”.


Harvesting a planet, was a complex and delicate process. The planet or system would be under observation for a long time. This was not extra-ordinary; every planet or system which developed a form of social organizing was continually monitored. The Ancient Ones were scientists, who absorbed all kinds of data; resulting in suggestions for the planet. This could go as far as manipulating the weather, introducing new technologies, starting wars or sorting out selected individuals. In this way a planet became a kind of laboratory for the Universal Powers, embedded in the Empire. Sometimes laboratories were fought about and this was the case for planet earth. When re-discovered aeons ago, the Universal Powers saw her unique possibilities. Not only was it a dynamic and vertile. It also had Eden-possibilities. This meant that this place reminded the Ancient Ones of their lost home-planet. But their were other planets like that. Earth also contained several vortexes, some closed, and stargates; which meant that the system was connected to the most important places in multi-dimension.

The surviving humans, when rules were established and status declared, were to be brainwashed and genitically manipulated to act as puppets in a galactic game of Risk.

Now the end of the experimental phase was coming near.
In the, underestimated, novel of Dune the scenario of the future was written. Man have been manipulated to do the most terrible things. But because they not felt responsible for their own behavior, this process went on and on. Endless wars were fought, every possible pain felt and every hardship the humans had been forced to endure.
The selected few, who were too unique or precious to be left behind, would disappear from this earth. They would gather and enter the spaceships voluntarely. Millions had been indoctrinated and believed that Jesus, the Pleiadians, or Ashtar will come in their spaceships and take them into safety in a blink of an eye. Fundamental christians call it the Rapture After that, hell would break loose.
In the meantime I am watching the Amsterdam webcam! Favourite of mine. Easy going cyclists, passers-by, public transport and cars are circling around for a while, to disappear from the screen. Easy-going.
But how would they behave if the knew how commander Orlov was instructed and what would the scenery be in the next ten years? Mad Max in Amsterdam. Would the disasters and the misery people prayed for come to effect. Simply because they want it to, because they see no other alternative?This is the scenario the Ultimate Powers are putting their money on.

WE ARE All CONNECTED (dM, 2011).

Monkey Memo

Tigers are solitary animals, who cover enormous areas (30 to 40 square kilometers). When a she-tiger is in heat, male tigers quickly pick up the scent and hurry to her. After mating, they both go their own way. Raising the young is not his responsibility.

According to this animal-behavior it is, in more than one way, torture to put this beautiful animal in a cage, with other tigers.



Luchtig als een kinderzoen.

Bosbesvlekken op je lippen,

je handen.

Vluchtig als een kinderzoen

raakt je adem me.


Zon in je ogen.

De kleur van dadels.

Water valt

neer op je benen.


beweeg op de golven.


Is vorm beperking?

Jij bent het pad!

Zie de weg, die je baande,

is je kracht.

De weerstand gebroken,

als kluiten aarde,

in je hand.

Vonken van binnen.

Staar in de vlammen.

Niets is vluchtig,

wat daar gaat.

Warm je handen

aan deze woorden.

Werp het papier

in het vuur.




De marathon werd voor het eerst verlopen tijdens de Olympische Spelen van 1896 in Athene. De herstart van de klassieke Olympische Spelen.
De marathon herinnert aan de Griekse lange afstandloper/koerier Pheidippides. Deze bracht hardlopend het bericht van de overwinning van de Grieken op de Perzen bij Marathon naar de bevolking en magistraten van Athene. Het lukte hem nog om de boodschap over te brengen, maar toen stierf Pheidippides van uitputting.
De afstand van Marathon naar Athene is 36 kilometer en 75 meter. Bij de eerste Spelen was de marathon 40 kilometer lang. Bij de Olympische Spelen van Londen was men van plan om een parcours van exact 26 mijlen aan te leggen. Dit liep tussen Buckingham Palace en het Olympisch Stadion. Onder druk van het koninklijk huis werd de afstand verlengd met 385 yards. Hierdoor kwam de finish precies voor de Koninklijke Loge te liggen. In 1924, tijdens de Olympische Spelen van Parijs, werd de afstand die in Londen was gelopen, als de officiƫle afstand voor de marathon vastgelegd.
Terugkomend op de eerste marathonloper Pheidippides. Hij werkte als koerier en boodschapper voor de Griekse legerleiding. Hij was voor de slag al naar Sparta gerend om steun te vragen. De Spartanen weigerden, ze zaten midden in een belangrijk religieus festival en Pheidippides maakte direct rechtsomkeert om deze boodschap over te brengen. Toen hij terugkeerde in het Griekse kamp, was de slag al gestreden. Pheidippides werd direct doorgestuurd naar Athene, waar hij op de trappen van de Acropolis, de laatste adem uitblies.
SOMEthing to THINK about

The world, the old seafarers, like Columbus, discovered, was much larger, than they had thought and prepared for.

This was caused, by the maps, they based there journeys on. Those maps came from the East (Constantinople) and were of Arabic origin. These cartographers drew their maps according to the “Arabic mile”, who was much longer, than the mile Columbus had in mind.

Mappo Mundi, drawn by Fra Mauro, 1859
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