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11 Key Facts That Point To A Conspiracy In The Batman Shooting

11 Key Facts That Point To A Conspiracy In The Batman Shooting

Time Travel Prt 3 Final Prt [Video]

Time Travel Prt 3 Final Prt [Video]

WARNING Economic Armageddon Coming



When do you call a society a civilization. This term meant living up to human standards. Rules of behavior that distinguished “civilized man”, from the cave-men, nomads and hunter-gatherers.
Civilizations can be found all over the world. Sumeria in Iraq, which had a school system, public services like toilets and hot water. India knew civilizations that fought immense wars, using rockets and even atomic weapons. The Chinese civilization is a story of continuous warfare, before unity was established. We call Sparta a civilization, but its identity was based on warfare. All over the world, a civilization was recognized by its intellectual achievements, like geometry, writing and astronomy. The Sumerians kept records of the celestial movements and were the first civilization to observe an asteroid-impact. Egypt is famous for its art, like many other civilizations, and monuments. We still wonder, how these monuments were built. We tend to make things small. We talk about the Great Pyramid, while referring to an hughe complex of pyramids and temples. Lately underground tunnels were explored, connecting the monuments. These underground systems are definitively older, than the Gizeh-pyramids themselves. Civilization also has a link to human rights. Some kind of judgment must be performed. Especially concerning life and death. Then suddenly the picture changes.
All civilizations used calendars. The Persians did, the Hebrews, the Chinese and the Greek. So did the Maya. A Meso-American “civilization”, that flourished for a thousand years, to disappear around 800 AD. and abandoned their cities and temples.
The Maya knew several calendars. A normal 360 days calendar, a personal calendar of 260 days and a “long-count”-calendar, which had a prophetic character. On 21 December 2012, at 11.11 pm., this calendar ends. Will the world come to an end? But that is not my point. I am talking about the concept of civilization. World-wide, what we call civilizations, were societies based on human and animal sacrifice. Especially the Maya. Human sacrifice was necessary to keep the Gods satisfied and the world going. If these stories are only partly true, thousands of fellow-Indians, were slaughtered and their bodies were thrown down the temple-stairs. The Maya disappeared because they ran out of victims and started to slaughter their own. Warfare is a second form of human sacrifice. It dominated the civilized world for some 4000 years.

Financial Armageddon is Coming


NASA bereidt zich voor op Mars-landing

PASADENA (AP) – De meest ambitieuze en duurste Mars-expeditie van ruimtevaartorganisatie NASA begint komend weekeinde pas echt. Zondagnacht landt de rover Curiosity op het Mars-oppervlak, maar de wetenschappers die de rover vanaf de aarde in de gaten houden weten pas na veertien minuten of de landing is gelukt.
Klik hier!
Makkelijk wordt de landing niet. De neerdaling is zo riskant dat zij de „zeven minuten van verschrikking” wordt genoemd. In dit korte tijdsbestek moet het ruimtevaartuig met de rover aan boord van een duizelingwekkende snelheid van 20.920 kilometer per minuut tot stilstand komen, daarbij geholpen door remraketten, een hitteschild en een parachute. De rover wordt met kabels vanuit het ruimtevaartuig neergelaten.
Als alles goed gaat, probeert de Curiosity de komende twee jaar te achterhalen of het milieu op Mars ooit geschikt was voor microbieel leven.

Drie mannen met Batman-maskers beroven bioscopen

31/07/12, 07:38 − bron: ANP
Zeker drie mannen hebben gisteren verkleed als Batman twee bioscopen overvallen in de Mexicaanse stad Chihuahua. Daar draaide op dat moment de nieuwe film over de gemaskerde misdaadbestrijder, meldden de autoriteiten.
De overvallers droegen zwarte kleren en 'Batmanmaskers'. Ze waren vermoedelijk uit op de kaartjesopbrengst van de populaire Batmanfilm The Dark Knight Rises. Het trio maakte naar schatting 240.000 peso (bijna 15.000 euro) buit.



  In the first half of this year, 46 women were killed each month, or about 3 women every two days.



  In the first half of this year, 46 women were killed each month, or about 3 women every two days.


What do I see? I'll describe the view from my study. It's quite idyllic. In front of me an old defensive canal. My present “hometown” was an important marine and naval port and it was heavily fortified. Most of it has disappeared, but on my left, the place, where the canons stood, is still to be seen. Further to left is an important sluice, which connects the sea with the Frisian waterways. Many ships pass by.
Opposite my study is a grave-yard, which means big trees. The last remains of a period, in which Europe was a colossal forest and a squirrel could travel from Moscow to England, without touching the ground. Which they actually did.
In ancient tribal culture forests were used as holy places, places of gathering and judgment. Not far from here, there once was a place like that. Dominated by hugh trees, waterways and a beautiful landscape, full of life.
That's all gone now. The christian missionaries cut down the holy trees, to build a (wooden) church on the same place. They knew the power of those places, but kept it a secret. In South-America cathedrals have been built on top of pyramids and they used the ancient stones.
Power points (like Stonehenge, the Borubudur and Angkor Wat) are places where energy flows meet. When using the right time and ritual, mysterious things happen. Energy follows a straight course, and that is why these so called “ley-lines” are straight and global. You can test this by connecting the churches in your neighborhood and see what happens. From “the Dome”, our oldest church it's easy to connect 5 to 6 churches in a straight line. (officially built in 777, and so being the oldest christian church in the region. But don't trust the numbers). 777 is a “power-number”, with many symbolic (christian) meaning (7 days of Creation). My home town became officially a city, in the year 1234. This is a “power-number” too. So I doubt the chronicles. The local government ignored this important historical fact. Strangely enough, because they could celebrate the 777 year old city in 2011.
We are conditioned to follow straight lines. That's how we build at the moment, that's how we count and that's how we live. On a collision course. There are other ways, you know. Waterway for instance. They meander to a single point (SO IT SEEMS).

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NatGeo: Holiday In Outer Space [Video]

NatGeo: Holiday In Outer Space [Video]
The London Olympics - a huge blood sacrifice in the making? HD (Full Length): http://youtu.be/aZoZy3VqS8E


Like I said, the anti-terrorist surveillance tactics are here to stay. After the Olympics Big Brother takes its place. Total costs: 0.6 billion dollars. These are official figures, so you can double it. Thousands of military are diploid in the streets, anti-aircraft missiles on civilian roofs and 500 FBI-agents, who join the fun. They are here to stay too.
The security is based on possibilities, not on a real life scenario. It is possible to high jack a commercial plane and fly it into Buckingham Palace. You cannot dispute that, because it happened before. But like I said. The officials and representatives are quite safe, in that respect. Biological warfare and the start of a pandemic are possibilities as well. Civilians, military and civil servants are trained for the future. A future after the collapse and destruction, in which biological warfare is a strategic tool. But this process is going on for centuries. Our food, our beverages, our drinking water and the air we breath, are deliberately poisoned. In the USA an ingredient used in fast-food makes you feel hungry; hungry for more. Fluoride was added to our drinking, because it was better for your teeth. Research has recently shown, that fluoride is a mind-altering drug. It makes you depressive and passive. That's exactly what the government wants.
But your mind is poisoned as well. The proclamation of global unity through sports, while on all continents, people suffer and die. The Olympics are a distraction from the economic and financial collapse, that is showing itself and will result in a global meltdown.
Free yourself from mental slavery; Like Bob Marley said. Look at the games for what they are; the last of this sort of mass manifestations.

NAVO-militairen Afghanistan gedood

KABUL - Een aanslag in het westen van Afghanistan heeft zondag aan twee NAVO-militairen het leven gekost. Dat heeft het bondgenootschap bekendgemaakt.
De verdragsorganisatie maakte geen verdere details bekend. Met de aanslag van zondag komt het dodental onder NAVO-militairen deze maand vooralsnog uit 44.
Eerder op de dag kwam een Afghaanse regeringsfunctionaris om. Het hoofd van het district Chak, in de provincie Wardak, was onderweg naar zijn kantoor toen gewapende mannen hem in een auto inhaalden. Ze openden het vuur op de auto van de gouverneur, die omkwam. Zijn zoon raakte gewond.

Mitt Romney: Jeruzalem ongedeelde hoofdstad van Israël

 De Amerikaanse presidentskandidaat Mitt Romney bezocht zondag Israël. Foto EPA
De Amerikaanse presidentskandidaat Mitt Romney bezocht zondag Israël. Foto EP
JERUZALEM – Openbare meningsverschillen tussen de Verenigde Staten en Israël zijn een aanmoediging voor de vijanden van deze twee landen. Dat heeft de Amerikaanse presidentskandidaat Mitt Romney zondag gezegd tijdens zijn bezoek aan Israël. De Republikein noemde Jeruzalem aan het begin van zijn toespraak de „ongedeelde hoofdstad van Israël”.
Klik hier!
Het onderwerp Jeruzalem ligt gevoelig, aangezien de Palestijnen het oostelijke deel van de stad als onderdeel van hun toekomstige staat zien. Israël wil heel Jeruzalem als zijn „eeuwige en ongedeelde hoofdstad” houden.
De Amerikaanse ambassade, die in Tel Aviv staat, zou volgens Romney naar Jeruzalem moeten, als Israël daar om zou vragen. Israël wil dit al langer, maar de VS hebben hun ambassade tot op heden in Tel Aviv gehouden.

Noorden India plat door grootschalige stroomstoring

Door: Redactie −30/07/12, 05:24 − bron: AP
© Thinkstock.
Een enorme stroomstoring heeft in de nacht van zondag op maandag het noorden van India getroffen. Dat meldden Indiase media. Inmiddels is in delen van de hoofdstad New Delhi en de deelstaat Uttar Pradesh de stroomvoorziening hervat. De autoriteiten verwachten dat iedereen pas tegen het middaguur weer elektriciteit heeft.
Naar schatting meer dan 300 miljoen mensen hadden last van de storing. In veel grote steden vielen verkeerslichten uit, waardoor de ochtendspits chaotisch verliep. Ook het openbaar vervoer in het noorden werd hardgetroffen. viel de metro in de hoofdstad New Delhi deels stil, waardoor mensen moeite hadden om op hun werk te komen .

Supersonic missile BrahMos test-fired

Supersonic missile BrahMos test-fired:

 India on Sunday successfully tested the supersonic cruise missile 'BrahMos' from a defence base in Odisha, an official said.

Romney will support Israel strike on Iran: Aide

Romney will support Israel strike on Iran: Aide:

This puts Romney at odds with Obama's efforts to press Israel to avoid any preemptive strike before Western economic sanctions against Iran run their course.

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king KONG

You think, where is this heading. Well so do I. I could go on for ever and ever, so it is better to stop.
I have created enough fata morgana's and distraction, so I can give my directions more directly. Our network is world-wide now and is the next step to connect with global flow of consciousness, that is in the air. This means more overt action and taking positions. Change comes from deep down and it will change you in that way. Start living in a “survival”-mode. Try to buy local and live simple. RESERVE ONE HOUR A DAY FOR STUDY/MEDITATION.
Start asking questions, write letters and make compliments for a change. Be critical when deluded. Everything is connected and that may seem confusing. Which it is not. You have to level your thoughts and transform them in to data-levels. Statistics cannot be compared to poetry. Try to operate on 4 levels, not on 4 screens. Live cannot be expressed in numbers, without destroying it. We build enormous costly machines (several) manned with dozens of crazy professors, to collide positrons to find the “God-particle”. They now called it “the Higgs Boson for p.r.-reasons (Vatican!). This elusive boson is responsible for our material universe. The strange thing happened, that while researching matter, it seemed to consist of almost nothing. But a wall was massive. The Higgs-boson gives energy mass. What happens hen the succeed, will the predictability in our cosmos slowly disappear. Like the Big Bang, the Higg's boson are just necessary parts of our cosmology. Without it, we would not exist. These are “dead-end streets”. There was no Big Bang, black holes don't exist, the stars are just tendencies to exist and there was a Flood (several to be precise). Mass, space and time will be part of our lives in a different way. Mass, when treated well flourishes. I treat my plants well and feed the birds. Mass: flowers, plants, butterflies, birds and insects start interacting, growing and spreading. This process you can start with only two square feet. Start today and it will be a blessing for you into eternity.
Start communicating (there are many sympathizers, the hour is coming near) and spread this site. There is more to come.
START OPERATION: king KONG (generated by SiTU Brain Ext.)


The Second World War fascinates me. It must have it's origin in a previous life. As a child I wondered, why the Germans never did win. Later on you realize, that the Nazis could have won. During the war certain things happened, which I don't understand from a strategic point of view. For instance “Duinkerken”. The English Army was in retreat, but actually had no way to go. Though small in numbers, it was the battle hardened core of the English Army. Instead of surrounding them and taken them prisoner, the superior Nazi-forces halted and gave the British a chance to escape. Thousands of small ships evacuated most of the troops. They were hardly disturbed, not by guns, submarines or aircraft. In this way Churchill had a basis to build on and prepare for a future invasion. I don't understand, why the Germans invaded Russia, without a similar action by the Japanese. (after Pearl Harbor the Nazis declared war on the United States, with disastrous consequences). Stalin would have to fight on two fronts. Without Japanese action the Soviet dictator could move troops to the Western front. These “Siberian legions” proved decisive at Moscow and the battle of Kursk. This was the turning point of the Eastern Campaign. From that moment on, the Nazis were on the retreat. The decision, made by Hitler personally, to defend Stalingrad, proved disastrous. In the end “Feldmarschall (on the last moment promoted) von Paulus had to surrender and hundreds of thousands of well-trained and highly motivated soldiers and officers went into captivity. Never to return to the “Heimat”. This loss could not be compensated and the Germans knew that. Ernst Udet, decorated flying-ace, killed himself in novemer 1941. Based on the figures and the losses of the Luftwaffe he concluded, that the war could not be won. Germany was not capable of replacing equipment and trained personell.I don't understand, why the Nazis did not use the anti-Soviet sentiments in the Ukraine f.i. Instead of recruiting them, they terrorized them into resistance. Even so, many anti-communists joined the German Army and SS-divisions. After the collapse of the "Reich", surviving volunteers were repatriated to the USSR. Never to be heard from again.

Americans To Receive A Microchip Implant In 2013 Per ObamaCare

Americans To Receive A Microchip Implant In 1013 Per ObamaCare

James Holmes Court: STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF COP [Video]

James Holmes Court: STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF COP [Video]

♥ NIBIRU FOUND ♥ See New Video And Photos ! [Video]

♥ NIBIRU FOUND ♥ See New Video And Photos ! [Video]

Spain's Regions Call On Government For Bailout [PressTV] [Video]

Spain's Regions Call On Government For Bailout [PressTV] [Video]

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Gebruik ADHD-medicatie ook vorig jaar weer gestegen

Het gebruik van ADHD-medicatie in Nederland blijft toenemen. Foto Hollandse Hoogte / Flip Franssen;door
Nederlandse apotheken hebben vorig jaar veel vaker een medicijn tegen ADHD uitgegeven dan in het jaar ervoor. Zo’n tweehonderdduizend mensen kregen medicijnen tegen de hyperactiviteitsstoornis, veertien procent meer dan in 2010, blijkt uit cijfers van de Stichting Farmaceutische Kengetallen.
Zes jaar geleden was het aantal gebruikers van ADHD-medicatie nog zeventigduizend. Voor dit jaar wordt opnieuw een stijging verwacht. Op basis van de cijfers over in het eerste halfjaar verstrekte medicijnen is berekend dat het om een stijging van ongeveer tien procent zal gaan.
Verreweg de meeste gebruikers krijgen Ritalin of een aanverwant middel. Vorig jaar werden de pillen aan 186 duizend mensen verstrekt.
Kinderartsen en psychiaters onderzoeken of het medicijngebruik tegen ADHD omlaag kan worden geschroefd. Demissionair staatssecretaris van Volksgezondheid Marlies Veldhuijzen van Zanten (CDA) zei vorige maand op basis van het onderzoek stappen te willen ondernemen.

Black hole found to be much closer to Earth than previously thought

Black hole found to be much closer to Earth than previously thought


17. Journalists Jane Akre and Steve Wilson were fired by the Fox News television station they work for after refusing to change their investigative report on Posilac, a Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) made by Monsanto. Their research documents potential health and safety problems of drinking milk treated with the synthetic hormone, but threatened with legal action from Monsanto, Fox wants the negative effects played down. The court eventually throws out Akre's whistle blower lawsuit after deciding that the media is allowed to lie.

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ROTTERDAM - Ongeveer 9 procent van de werkende Nederlandse beroepsbevolking denkt het komende jaar zijn baan te verliezen. Dat blijkt uit analyses op het Arbeidsmarkt GedragsOnderzoek (AGO), die vrijdag werden gepubliceerd.

Foto: Novum Fotoburo Dijkstra

Allochtonen vrezen baanverlies

Verder blijkt uit het onderzoek dat het percentage allochtonen dat verwacht zijn baan te verliezen sneller stijgt dan het aantal autochtonen met die verwachting.

Pt. 1 "We KNOW That Ira

Pt. 1 "We KNOW That Ira


It was no coincidence, that the miniseries “The Diplomat” was aired just before the “Grand Opening” of the London Olympics. It's all about a nuclear suit-case bomb to be sold to the terrorists. In the end “the Diplomat” commits suicide by exploding the bomb. Fortunately the helicopter he is in, flies over sea and the wind will blow the particles over the horizon (to Indonesia?). On the internet doomsday scenario's circulate about terrorist attacks, suicide bombers and even dirty bombs being exploded during the Games. Security is extremely tight and London is full of camera's. I don't know what to think about this. I think it will be possible that some kind of terror-act will happen. The world is filled with youngsters, male and female, who are willing to blow themselves up. Our war on terror has forced our “enemies” to organize themselves. And they did. Their intelligence and communication is as sophisticated, as the CIA control Centre. During the Mumbai-attack the suicide-squad had a direct line to the headquarters in Pakistan. There they followed the Indian news channels and CNN. That's how they learned, who were inside. When in doubt, they used the internet to check a name or picture. One of India's billionaires was recognized in this way and the terrorists were ordered to shoot him. And they did. The attackers had mobile phones and used blackberries to find their way in the Taj Mahal-hotel in Mumbai.
I think that the London Olympics is a rehearsal. A rehearsal for the future World Sports Games as global mass entertainment (and manipulation) and a training-exercise; a training to act professionally and adequately when the systems collapse, martial law is declared and we, the people, are welcomed to a brave new world.
THIS IS A WAKE-UP CALL: codename king KONG.

Inside 9/11 - 7 Facts (English Version) [Video]

Inside 9/11 - 7 Facts (English Version) [Video]

Inside Job - The Biggest Bank Heist Ever! 720p HD [Video]

Inside Job - The Biggest Bank Heist Ever! 720p HD [Video]

Jose Escamilla: Celestial - 720p [Video]

Jose Escamilla: Celestial - 720p [Video]

Vraag naar gasmaskers in Israël neemt toe

 Druzen op de Golanhoogte aanschouwen het geweld ten zuiden van Damascus, in Syrië.  Foto EPA
Druzen op de Golanhoogte aanschouwen het geweld ten zuiden van Damascus, in Syrië. Foto EPA
JERUZALEM (AP) – In Israël is een run ontstaan op gasmaskers. Israëliërs haastten zich de afgelopen dagen om een gasmasker aan te schaffen na een waarschuwing van de Israëlische minister van defensie Ehud Barak dat het land direct actie onderneemt als islamitische opstandelingen de voorraad chemische of biologische wapens van Syrië plunderen.
De Israëlische regering en het leger volgen met argusogen de ontwikkelingen in Syrië. Ze zijn bezorgd dat Hezbollah de chemische en biologische wapenarsenalen van het regime in handen krijgt. Minister van buitenlandse zaken Avigdor Lieberman zei niet te tolereren dat de wapens in verkeerde handen vallen. „Dat is voor ons een casus belli, een rode lijn.”, aldus Lieberman. Hij is bereid preventieve aanvallen uit te voeren op de wapendepots.

Bloedbad in de VS niet langer een verrassing

Edwin Kreulen −26/07/12, 07:00
© getty. James Holmes verschijnt voot het eerst voor de Amerikaanse rechtbank
De twaalf doden bij de Batman-première in Denver maken weinig emoties los, in ieder geval in Nederland. "Of dat zo is, is lastig te meten. Maar het is voorstelbaar dat veel mensen zo'n schietpartij niet meer zo verrassend vinden. Ze verwachten het bijna: zoiets zal vast wel weer gebeuren in Amerika", zegt Tom Postmes.
Rap News 14: Higgs Boson Unbound (with Prof. Scott Ridley)


The book of Genesis is about 60 pages long. It starts with the Creation an ends with death of Josef. The Israelites had migrated to Egypt because of the famine, that had struck the Promised Land. Genesis is the first of the books of Moses; the others being Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deutoronomy. Together they form the Torah, the laws of Moses and are most important to the Jews, who call it “the Talmud”. In total (in my bible) 250 pages. The Israelites state that the Old Testament had not been changed from around 400 BC. Every new synagogue needed a handwritten copy and this tradition is kept until this moment. Highly skilled scribes and control mechanisms result in perfect copies. The Islam claims the same purity for the Qur'an. Immediately after the death of the prophet (pbuh), his recitations were written down. This makes the Qur'an, according to Muslim religious teaching, superior to the Bible. Especially the New Testament.
They have a point. The first official content of the Holy Bible was the product of political conspiracy by Constantine the Great. In 323 the bishops of the Christian communities made their choice. Only four gospels were admitted, even though we now know, that many gospels circulated in the early Christian church. The gospel of Simon, Thomas, Maria Magdalene and Judas were dismissed and disappeared into history. But we still don't know, how the New Testament was composed. Emperor Constantine ordered 40 copies of the “new” Bible, but none of those made it. The first official Bible, we know of, is a Codex out of the fifth century.
Moses needed only a few words, to describe the creation of our reality. And even these few sentences have been a much debated issue. And I am far away from the original. My personal bible is a translation of a translation of a … It's not the word of God, but the world of a religious community. To them God created our universe out of nothing. I tend to disagree. I believe that God had material to work with. The empty earth, the darkness and the waters. All these elements needed a spark of light to let the world come into existence. You can call it a Big Bang, if you want to.

Israel hints at pre-emptive action against Iran

Israel hints at pre-emptive action against Iran:

Israel's defence minister Ehud Barak has hinted that the Jewish state may take pre-emptive action against Iran to foil its nuclear ambitions in case sanctions against the Islamic Republic fail to deter it.

Witness: Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theater

Witness: Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theater



Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged

Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged

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Banks Are Taking Over The World - Gerald Celente [Video]

Banks Are Taking Over The World - Gerald Celente [Video]

News Analysis: 'European Banks Are Technically Bankrupt' [PressTV] [Video]

News Analysis: 'European Banks Are Technically Bankrupt' [PressTV] [Video]

We are in midst of 4th world war: Pranab

We are in midst of 4th world war: Pranab:

 Pranab Mukherjee today described the war against terrorism as the fourth world war since "it can raise its evil head anywhere in the world".



The war, which began in May 1999, lasted more than 2 months before Pak soldiers withdrew.


Even though aliens are a global phenomena, crop circles are not. They appear in a relatively small area in the south of England. Local folklore tells stories of devils, who mow the field in one night, the crop circle phenomenon is relatively recent, say 60 years or so.
The first appearances were simple and artistic. But during the years they became more complex. Researchers of this phenomenon assumed, that there was a message being communicated. But who was sending these messages? Immediately interstellar beings and alien intelligence are the first candidates. So everybody is watching the stars, instead of the earth they are standing on.
The area, in which crop circles appear, is holy ground. The whole place is dotted with ancient sites and monuments. Stonehenge of course, Avebury, with its immense circles and avenue. Woodhenge and many burial sites and artificial hills and ditches. Mainstream archeologists believe that ten's of thousands of people visited this sacred grounds. A bronze age ritual of life, death and rebirth. Hughes amounts of pig bones were found. A ritual meal?
These are all child-tales. They appeal to our romantic images, we create about a good life. Of course many ancestors visited Stonehenge, they still do. Of course, there may have been mass pilgrimages and rituals, orgies and festivals. But why?
I think, they came here not to feast, but they came here to show there alliance to the cosmic powers that bind, save and protect. The stones used are placed to block, to distort and to mask. The stones, hills and earth-workes were constructed to hinder the forces of Mother Gaya. Once, during the age of Atlantis, the Salisbury Plains were a place of live, live and rebirth. It was a place to transcend your humanity and experience dimensions and possibilities. And it was completely female enterprise. Man were allowed as visitors, guests and even adepts, they never got any rights of citizenship. Troublemakers were deported and never heard of again. The priestesses worked with light, water, fire and air. Echoes of this period, you find in the story of Kind Arthur.
When the power of Mammon rose and war, destruction and male dominance ruled, the holy places of the area were transformed in stone monuments or artificial mounts. The power of Gaya, the great Goddess was blocked. The world energy-grid interrupted. Until now.

woensdag 25 juli 2012


There is a flow of consciousness circling the planet. More and more people a realizing, where this system is heading. Towards a global catastrophe followed by marshal law and creating a global prison camp, for the workers and paradise for the happy few. It will be worse than “1984”, “Animal Farm” and “Lord of the Flies” combined.
In the same time there is a massive attack on our sanity and moral instincts.Through massive media-campaigns peope are drilled what to wear, what to like, how to amuse themselves and what to buy. On the other hand every one is bombarded by horrible deaths, accidents and destruction. There is a direct link between the Taliban, the Batman-killer and being robbed near the supermarktet.
The “terrorist-craze” in the United States led to huge arm-sales, although the chance to meet a terrorist in the land of the brave was nil. In Dallas a concerned bank-employee bought a gun, to protect his family. He was careless. His three year old sun found the gun and shot himself. Another victim of the “War on terror”. Security is taken absurd forms. A while ago I had to go to court. I was almost strip-searched. Everybody had to pass through a detection portal. Completely ridiculous, because no visitor had the intention to be violent. I make a bet on that. This tendency in society is called “the Mean World Syndrome. This means that we are programmed to perceive the world as extremely dangerous, which it definitively is NOT. The mass effort of politicians, media, intelligence and corporations has no other goal then to frighten you, till you are so scared, that you say yes to everything, even to slavery. So the think.
This the start of the counteroffensive. Take your positions and check your equipment. It's gonna be a hell of a ride.
To stay focused; advised reading: Walden 2 by B.F. Skinner. The New World Order Paradise. By the way, Skinner isolated his child in a box, to observe his developments. Mrs. Skinner made an end to this torture.

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Veel killers zien zichzelf als agents of Armageddon

Door: Peter Giesen −24/07/12, 07:23
© ANP. James Holmes gisteren in de rechtbank.

Imiteerde de moordenaar in Aurora James Holmes wat er elke avond op het witte doek te zien is? 'Alleen een handjevol pathologische gevallen kopieert het gedrag uit films en boeken.'
De bezoekers van The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora verheugden zich op een lekker potje geweld in de beste Hollywoodtradities. In plaats daarvan werden ze getroffen door echt geweld, rauw en verwoestend. James Holmes kwam de bioscoop binnen, gooide een traangasgranaat en schoot twaalf mensen dood. Regisseur Christopher Nolan reageerde geschokt: 'Het filmtheater is mijn thuis. Dat iemand zo'n onschuldige omgeving op zo'n beestachtige wijze aanvalt is voor mij verbijsterend.' Maar is de bioscoop echt zo'n onschuldige plek? Of imiteerde James Holmes wat er elke avond op het witte doek te zien is?

Op één punt heeft Nolan in elk geval gelijk: er is een groot verschil tussen mediageweld en echt geweld. Een doorsnee knokpartij duurt heel kort, stelt de Amerikaanse socioloog Randall Collins in zijn studie Violence, anders dan filmgevechten waarin de tegenstander drie keer uit verloren positie terugkeert, alvorens hij de genadeklap ontvangt. Het komt ook zelden voor dat een moordenaar sardonisch lacht of andere grappen uithaalt, zoals The Joker in de Batmanfilms.

Geweld in films wordt juist aantrekkelijker naarmate het minder realistisch is, zegt de Amerikaanse mediawetenschapper Jeffrey Goldstein in het boek Why We Watch: The Attractions of Violent Entertainment. De Batmanfilms zijn daar een goed voorbeeld van: cartoonesk geweld in een sciencefictiondecor dat overduidelijk benadrukt dat de gebeurtenissen op fantasie berusten.

Geweld wordt ook hoger gewaardeerd als de boef wordt gepakt en het recht zegeviert. 'Het horrorverhaal is zo conservatief als een Republikein in een driedelig krijtstreeppak', stelt horrorschrijver Stephen King in zijn essaybundel Danse Macabre.

'Het belangrijkste doel van horror is het bevestigen van de norm door ons te laten zien welke verschrikkelijke dingen er gebeuren als mensen taboelanden betreden.' Horror is een wals met de dood, aldus King. 'Zoals een ritje in de achtbaan een gewelddadige dood imiteert, zo geeft een griezelverhaal ons de gelegenheid om te onderzoeken wat er gebeurt achter de deuren die we doorgaans van een dubbel slot voorzien.'

Naarmate het leven veiliger wordt, lijkt de behoefte aan gewelddadige beelden toe te nemen, denkt Goldstein. De mens zal altijd gefascineerd zijn door de dood, als enige dier dat ten volle besef dat het ooit zal sterven. De griezelfilm is een risicoloze confrontatie met die doodsangst, waarna de bioscoopbezoeker opgelucht huiswaarts keert.

Op gruwelijke wijze doorbrak James Holmes dit geruststellende ritueel. Van fantasie maakte hij werkelijkheid.

Anders dan gewone gevechten lijken schietpartijen als in Aurora wel degelijk op het geweld in films: theatraal, uitgesponnen en zorgvuldig gepland. Het leven imiteert de kunst, zoals Oscar Wilde zei. Maar het leven imiteerde ook het leven zelf.

Holmes liet zich ook inspireren door eerdere daders, ongelukkige jongemannen die zich miskend voelden en zichzelf voor eens en voor altijd op de kaart wilden zetten met een gruweldaad van filmische proporties.

Na elke schietpartij laait de discussie over geweld en media weer op. Volgens de Amerikaanse mediaonderzoeker Rowell Huesmann is het verband tussen knokfilms kijken en agressief gedrag zelfs sterker dan het verband tussen onveilig vrijen en het oplopen van HIV. Dat miljoenen mensen gewelddadige computerspelletjes spelen zonder ooit een vlieg kwaad te doen, vindt hij geen overtuigend argument. De overheid bestrijdt toch ook het roken, hoewel lang niet alle rokers kanker krijgen?

Psychische stoornissen
Maar volgens andere onderzoekers, zoals de Brit David Buckingham, krijgen de media veel te gemakkelijk de schuld. 'Alleen een handjevol pathologische gevallen kopieert het gedrag uit films en boeken', zei hij in een interview met de Volkskrant. Ze zijn vereenzaamd, lijden aan psychische stoornissen en komen veel te gemakkelijk aan wapens.

Van de Amerikaanse schoolschutters kampte 78 procent met een depressie. Hun mediavoorkeur is wel het minste probleem. Buckingham: 'Weet je welk boek het vaakst gevonden wordt bij seriemoordenaars? De Bijbel. Veel killers zien zichzelf als agents of Armageddon, een engel der wrake. Als je gelooft in rechtstreekse invloed van de media, heb je zeker een case om de Bijbel te verbieden.'
Why it Never Gets Better in Afghanistan: A Documentary

Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged

Colorado Batman Shooting Shows Obvious Signs Of Being Staged

Legendary Metal Library Found In Tayos Cave In Ecuador

Legendary Metal Library Found In Tayos Cave In Ecuador

The Island Of El Hierro Is Raised Two Inches In Four Days [PropheticSeer] [Video]

The Island Of El Hierro Is Raised Two Inches In Four Days [PropheticSeer] [Video]

maandag 23 juli 2012


NatGeo: Chasing UFO's - Abducted In Arizona [Video]

NatGeo: Chasing UFO's - Abducted In Arizona [Video]

Israël vraagt extra beveiliging

JERUZALEM - Israël vraagt landen in Europa om extra beveiliging bij luchthavens en andere plaatsen waar Israëliërs en joden dikwijls samenkomen. Dat heeft het bureau van minister van buitenlandse zaken Avigdor Lieberman zondag meegedeeld.
Lieberman reist maandag naar Brussel om met zijn Britse ambtgenoot en die van negen andere Europese landen over de extra beveiliging te overleggen.
Premier Benjamin Netanyahu zei zondag dat Israël na de terreuraanslag van afgelopen week bij het vliegveld van de Bulgaarse badplaats Boergas op zijn hoede is voor meer aanslagen op zijn staatsburgers in het buitenland.

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Kwart Nederlanders heeft hepatitis E

Ruim een kwart van de Nederlandse bloeddonoren is ooit geïnfecteerd met het hepatitis E-virus. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van Sanquin Bloedvoorziening onder duizenden bloeddonoren, bevestigt hoogleraar bloedoverdraagbare infecties aan het Amsterdamse AMC Hans Zaaijer een bericht hierover zaterdag in de Volkskrant.
Mensen met verminderde afweer, zoals transplantatiepatiënten, lopen enig risico, omdat hun immuunsysteem het virus soms moeilijk weg weet te werken. Het virus kan in dat geval chronische leverontsteking veroorzaken

Overlevende Utoya denkt nog elke dag aan 22 juli

 Breivik. Foto EPA
Breivik. Foto EPA
SARPSBORG – Noorwegen herdenkt zondag de aanslagen in Oslo en op het eiland Utoya, waarbij vorig jaar 77 mensen om het leven kwamen. De 18-jarige scholier Sverre Saevarang overleefde de aanslag. „Het zal me altijd bijblijven.”
Sverre was een jaar geleden op het eiland Utoya voor een zomerkamp van de jongerenafdeling van de Noorse Arbeiderspartij (AUF) toen Anders Breivik er een bloedbad aanrichtte. Dat is een jaar geleden, maar Sverre Saevarang, leider van de AUF in Sarpsborg, herinnert het zich nog als de dag van gisteren.
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„We waren in het hoofdgebouw bij elkaar om te praten over de aanslag eerder die dag in Oslo. Plotseling hoorden we buiten schieten. Iedereen raakte in paniek.” Sverre dook weg achter een prullenbak. Toen Breivik het gebouw binnenkwam, vluchtte hij richting de toiletten. „De jongen die achter mij aan rende, werd geraakt en viel op de grond. Ikzelf verstopte me samen met vijf anderen in een van de toiletten. De jongen die achter me aan was gelopen, leefde nog en riep om hulp. Toen hoorden we nog een schot. Daarna was het stil.”
Het was heet en er was weinig zuurstof in het toilethokje, herinnert Sverre zich. „Maar we konden niet anders dan blijven wachten. Nog lange tijd hoorden we Breivik schieten. Pas na twee uur besloten we om naar buiten te gaan. Maar toen we die jongen daar doodstil zagen liggen, raakten we in paniek en vluchtten we weer terug.”

Dader aanslag Bulgarije gebruikte 3 kilo TNT

Bewerkt door: Redactie −20/07/12, 22:41 − bron: ANP/AFP

De dader van de zelfmoordaanslag op een bus in Bulgarije waardoor woensdag vijf Israëlische toeristen omkwamen, had een bom van 3 kilo TNT. Dat heeft de Bulgaarse regering vandaag bekendgemaakt.
TNT (ook trotyl genoemd) zit onder meer in militaire bommen en wordt vaak gebruikt bij aanslagen door militanten.
Bij de aanslag kwamen ook de dader en de Bulgaarse buschauffeur om. Een Israëlische toeriste die omkwam, was zwanger.


Sunworship can be found in nursery rhimes and when children play. “Ra, ra, wie heeft de bal, die mooie bal van goud.”, is a song, when I was young. The link is obvious, so it seems. Recent research suggests, that Ra, was a reference to star, not the sun. Maybe this is a link to the planet X.
Planet X (also called Niburu) is supposed to be the tenth planet in our solar system. It does not follow an ordinary, ecliptic and predictable path around the sun. It travels way out into the universe, to return after thousands of years (3600 years to be precise).
Even though official astronomy denies the existence of Niburu (planet of the crossing), many observatories around the planet and satellites are searching for it. Planet X will appear as a second sun. On the internet several pictures of this phenomenon appear. This rogue planet will cause devastation in our solar system. The planet Earth will have to endure many disasters (vulcanic activity, earthquakes and floodings. Nibiru could have been the cause of the Flood as it is written down in Sumerian epics and the Bible.
But it is not only the geophysical turbulence and following chaos, that threatens mankind. Nibiru is inhabited. It the home-planet of the “Annunaki”. These celestial beings were worshipped by the Sumerians (5/400 BC, Mesopotamia). The Annunaki (THOSE WHO FROM HEAVEN CAME) were responsible for the roots of the culture, we know now. They taught the Sumerians writing, agriculture, education and agriculture. They also taught them mathematics and astronomy. Like many other “primitive” civilizations, they were excellent mathematicians (we still use 60 as a basis for measuring time, degrees and architecture) and astronomers. The Annunaki returned to the skies and promised to return (like all over the world Gods depart, make promises to return and leave the believers behind, who in time start doubting these celestial promises.
Niburu is getting closer and the effects are growing and expanding. The Sumerians would interpret this as the approach of their Gods. A coming alien invasion.

vrijdag 20 juli 2012

US gunman kills 12 at Batman movie screening

US gunman kills 12 at Batman movie screening:

Police said the gunman had appeared at the front of the theater during the movie and released a canister which let out a hissing sound before gunfire erupted.






Obama reveals Roswell UFO hints according to Grant Cameron -

Zeilmeisje Laura gestalkt door pedofiel (60)

Door: redactie
20-7-12 - 06:43 bron: Algemeen Dagblad

Gerard W. was ook aanwezig bij tewaterlating Guppy

Pedofiel W. viel Laura Dekker (inzet) zeker een jaar lang lastig.© ANP/GUUS SCHOONEWILLE.
Zeilmeisje Laura Dekker is ruim een jaar lastiggevallen door Gerard W., een 60-jarige pedofiel. Hij stuurde haar tientallen vreemde e-mails en een door hem gemonteerde naaktfoto van Laura. Vader Dick Dekker waarschuwde zijn avontuurlijke dochter vaak voor de man. Gisteren stond W. terecht voor misbruik en kinderpornobezit.
Demonstratie Madrid met geweld beëindigd

MADRID - De oproerpolitie in Madrid heeft in de nacht van donderdag op vrijdag hard ingegrepen om een grote groep demonstranten uit elkaar te drijven. Daarbij is volgens ooggetuigen met rubberkogels geschoten en met wapenstokken geslagen. Zes mensen raakten daarbij gewond, terwijl zeven betogers werden opgepakt.

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Reptiloiden - Die Ureinwohner der Erde und Ihr Einfluss auf die Menschen

China versterkt banden met Afrika

Ethiopiërs aan het werk in een Chinese schoenenfabriek.© anp
De Chinese president Hu Jintao wil Afrika de komende drie jaar voor 20 miljard dollar (16,3 miljard euro) aan leningen aanbieden. Dat heeft hij vandaag gezegd. Met die investeringen hoopt China de banden met het continent verder aan te halen.
In 2009 bood China al 10 miljard dollar aan Afrika aan. 'We willen ons traditionele vriendschap versterken', zei Hu tijdens een speech die hij hield voor Afrikaanse leiders. 'We moeten externe invloeden uitsluiten en wederzijds begrip en vertrouwen versterken.'

Jon Rappoport: 'We're A Nation Of Pharmaceutical Druggies' [InfoWars] [Video]

Jon Rappoport: 'We're A Nation Of Pharmaceutical Druggies' [InfoWars] [Video]


Landing On Mars [Video]

Landing On Mars [Video]

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EAS: 'Obama Now Controls All Communications Via Executive Order [InfoWars] [Video]

EAS: 'Obama Now Controls All Communications Via Executive Order [InfoWars] [Video]

21 - 12 - 2012

December 21, 2012. at 11.11 p.m. At Chitzen Itza, Mexico, the earth will align with the centre of our universe, the Milky Way. At that moment the male domination will end and the female side will getc the upper hand. In politics, science, economics and religion.

I favor that. I never understood why politics, the military, economics and religion are 100% male and still could speak and act for all (women, the elderly, the children, our ancestors etc.). And it was accepted, not to be discussed or challenged. I once heard a manager say that it was quite funny: 8 men discussing women underware for next season. Things like that. But instead of mass disobedience, obedience and mental slavery is the rule. For the moment. Everywhere the people are realising how they have been cheated and lied about. Their existence and future is exploding and still they are having to pay the price. The incompetence of the world leaders is a disgrace. They circle around in a global bubble; being important, safe and well looked after. Millions of bureaucrats circle the planet this way. Completely useless and costing billions of euro.

For the Maya and the Hopi indians the above date is very important. They see it as an important shift of consciousness, which will envelope in the next 12.000 years or so. The Age of Aquarius. You can understand, that they want to celebrate this event, perform rituals and mass-ceremonies. The Maya live in Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula. Strangely enough the Mexican parliament passed a law, which forbid any religious or spiritual event on the 21st december 2012!

It seems that the Vatican heard about the plans of the Maya, to organize a great event at Chitzen Itza. They put pressure on the Mexican government to prevent this. Government is a male province, so the Vatican hade instant support. Still, this won't stop the process of change of which the male/female duality is only an aspect.
Red Ice Radio - Drunvalo Melchizedek - Hour 1 -
The Mayan Ouroboros
Drunvalo is the author of five books including The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volumes I & II, Living in the Heart, Serpent of Light and his newest one The Mayan Ouroboros. Drunvalo is the first person in the world (in modern times) to mathematically and geometrically define the human body light body called in ancient times the Mer-Ka-Ba. He is the founder of the Flower of Life Facilitators that have been teaching his work in over 60 countries

Antarctica, A Global Warning [Video]

Antarctica, A Global Warning [Video]

Worst US drought raises world food fears

Worst US drought raises world food fears:

Corn and soybeans in the U.S. Midwest baked in an unrelenting heat wave on Monday with fears rising of big crop losses that will boost food and fuel prices and cut exports and aid from the world's top shipper of the key crops.

Fisherman's killing sparks India-US diplomatic row

Fisherman's killing sparks India-US diplomatic row:

The killing of an Indian fisherman in firing from a US Navy ship off the port of Jebel Ali, Dubai, has created to a mini diplomatic crisis, with India asking the UAE authorities to investigate the incident in which three other Indians were also injured.
Motherboard TV: Free The Network
The prospect of an irreparably centralized Internet, a physical Internet in the hands of a shrinking core of so-called Tier 1 transit networks, keeps Isaac Wilder up at night.
Wilder is the 21-year-old co-founder of the Free Network Foundation. Motherboard first caught up with Wilder at Zuccotti Park during the fledgling days of Occupy Wall Street.

dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Uitspraak in proces tattookillers

De rechtbank in Amsterdam doet woensdag uitspraak tegen de zogenoemde tattookillers, die worden verdacht van een liquidatiepoging op de Amsterdamse crimineel Marlon Dalfour in 2009. De vier verdachten, onder wie twee broers, danken hun bijnaam aan de grote tatoeage op hun rug. Het Openbaar Ministerie eiste eerder celstraffen van dertien en vijftien jaar tegen de mannen.

Grote brand in gemeentehuis Waalre na ‘doelbewuste aanslag’

De brand in het gemeentehuis onstond vannacht rond 3.00 uur. Het lijkt een doelbewuste aanslag te zijn geweest. Foto Brabants Dagblad / Rob van den Broek
De brand in het gemeentehuis onstond vannacht rond 3.00 uur. Het lijkt een doelbewuste aanslag te zijn geweest.
Foto Brabants Dagblad / Rob van den Broek: geschreven door
Het gemeentehuis van Waalre, in Noord-Brabant net onder Eindhoven, staat sinds vannacht in de brand. Kort na 3.00 uur zouden twee personenauto’s tegen het pand zijn aangereden, waarna de brand uitbrak. De politie gaat uit van opzet.

Kim Jong-un nu zelf benoemd tot maarschalk - de hoogste legerrang

Bewerkt door: Redactie 18-7-12 - 06:26 bron: ANP

Kim Jong-un laat zich toejuichen© reuters.

Kim Jong-un is benoemd tot maarschalk van het Noord-Koreaanse leger. Dat meldt staatspersbureau KCNA woensdag. De leider van het communistische Aziatische land bezit zo de hoogste militaire rang.


But let's return to the here and now. It's 6 o'clock in the morning and my view is excellent: no people and no cars, yet. Since I live here, I wanted to change my garden into a little paradise for birds. A fence for protection, some fast growing plants to hide, water and regular feeding. Every morning I welcome some 80 or 90 birds, who come here, from all over town to have breakfast.
I am especially proud about “my” sparrow colony. Officially this seemingly insignificant bird is threatened. There used to be millions, but their numbers are diminishing. By feeding them especially, they survive the winter and their numbers are growing, I count 40 or 50 now, and it's not even August yet. The diversity is limited though: crows and pigeons (3 types).
In the presence of your enemy, you can test and develop your tolerance, the Buddha said. Jesus said to turn the other cheek, when some-one purposely hits you. Nicely said, but we live in days, when you turn your other cheek, they kill you.
I am tested right now. A couple of years ago new neighbors came to live next door. It was trouble from day one. After a while he even physically tried to attack me. When he walkes by (or drives by), he stares at us (the evil eye) as if we were some kind of dirt. That's what we are, in his eyes. He interpreters the fact that I spend most of my time at home, by stereotypes of lazy parasites and being to apathic to work for a living. Never mind. I ignore him, which drives him crazy.
But now he has taken new action by smearing glu on my fence and attaching fishing lines to hinder the birds. I removed the glu, cleared and since then nothing happened. But I am on my “qui-vive”. Gautama was right. This is a test. I have to find a subtle way to defend my birds and our paradise garden. And our dogs of course.


Experts say, that there is a large difference between the games of chess and the game of Go. Both are war games. Chess means killing the opposing king, with all means (and causalities) possible. All parts represent powers, except the queen (remember Troy!), on the battlefield. The game originates from India and we changed the elephants into towers. Go is trying to conquer as much territory as possible, with a minimum of resources (the stones you place on the board. Go is a game of subtle strategy. The famous Chinese warrior Sun Tzu would not have like chess. His way of winning a battle was by means of deception and surprise. He wrote a book about it called “The Art of War” in which he formulates the essentials. He cared for his man, by not putting their lives at stake, unnecessarily. He studies his opponents well and intelligence is a strategic tool. He only attacks when the circumstances are right and the enemy can be deceived and confused. Sun Tzu warned his readers to avoid frontal attacks, to choose the battlefield and never to fight uphill.
During the Vietnam war, the North Vietnamese followed Sun Tzu's rules. They engaged the Us-troops shortly before disappearing into the jungle or into the notorious tunnel system. During the Tet-offensive, that started on December 31,1968, the North-Vietnamese and Vietcong launched a coordinated attack all over South-Vietnam. The Americans were completely taken by surprise. On the other hand, general Westmoreland used chess-tactics. The battle at “Hamburger Hill” is only one example. The North-Vietnamese had occupied a hilltop of little strategic advantage. They had no air force or heavy artillery. Sun Tzu would have ignored them, but Westmoreland chose otherwise. Wave after wave of US-infantery stormed the hill. Many casualties and when they finally reached the top, the enemy had disappeared. After a short while, High Command decided to retreat.



Toll is likely to rise as more Indians have been injured in the firing by US Navy men.

Dreigende taal Clinton jegens Iran

JERUZALEM - De Verenigde Staten zullen al hun macht aanwenden om te voorkomen dat Iran in bezit komt van een kernwapen. Dat heeft de Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton maandag gezegd tijdens haar bezoek aan Israël.


Gelderland wil declaraties niet openbaar maken en stapt naar RvS

Bron toinevanbergen.blogspot.nl
Gelderland wil geen volledige openheid geven over het declaratiegedrag van eerdere provinciebestuurders. De provincie is daarom vorige week naar de Raad van State gestapt, blijkt uit het beroepschrift dat oud-lid van de Provinciale Staten Toine van Bergen op zijn weblog heeft geplaatst.
De provincie tekent beroep aan tegen een uitspraak van de rechtbank in Arnhem, die de provincie gelastte de informatie voor het einde van de maand beschikbaar te stellen en Van Bergen daarmee begin deze maand in het gelijk stelde. Conclusies en aanbevelingen in het rapport mogen wel vertrouwelijk blijven, oordeelde de rechter, zo schrijft persbureau Novum.

maandag 16 juli 2012

Miljoenen bij Mars voor Jezus Sao Paulo

SAO PAULO – Meer dan 5 miljoen protestanten zouden zaterdag hebben deelgenomen aan de Mars voor Jezus in de stad Sao Paulo. De opkomst onderstreept de explosieve groei van het protestantisme in Brazilië.
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De twintigste editie van deMars voor Jezus in de stad Sao Paulo heeft meer bezoekers getrokken dan de jaarlijkse Gay Pride in dezelfde stad of het carnaval van Salvador. De Spaanse persdienst ProtestanteDigital spreekt van „tussen de 5 en de 6 miljoen” deelnemers. Het persbureau AP houdt het, onder aanhaling van de politie, op 1 miljoen. De mars is hoe dan ook de grootste openbare manifestatie van het protestantisme in het land. Sinds 1993 staat het gebeuren op de officiële kalender van openbare manifestaties in Brazilië.

Islamophobia and the Politics of Hate in Europe – Liz Fekete

by martijn on July 14, 2012 ·
Post image for Islamophobia and the Politics of Hate in Europe – Liz FeketeLiz Fekete talks about whether Islamophobia serves a function; drawing on her recent research into the Oslo massacre and the European-wide assault on multiculturalism, she contextualises Islamophobia in terms of the policies that give credence to the new politics of hate. She warns that as austerity measures begin to bite, processes which scapegoat and stigmatised foreigners, vulnerable minorities and anyone deemed ‘different’ for society’s ills are strengthened and the politics of fear and the manipulation of division are part and parcel of wider pro war, neo-liberal and neo-conservative agendas.