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You all know the story of Archimedes, the famous Greek mathematician. After taking a bath, he suddenly got out and ran through the streets of Syracuse, shouting: “I found it, I found it!”
What did he find out? When he lowered himself in the bath, he suddenly realized, that the water rose, according to him slowly descending. This was not something at random, like swimming in a river. But it could me measured and this would happen according to a natural law. A low later named after him, which says, that the water level rises according to the volume, that is put in.
But why was Archimedes so ecstatic? He had found the solution to a major controversy in this harbortown in Southern-Italy. Syracuse was Greek and ruled by a couple of powerful families, who appointed a so-called “dictator”. There was a problem at his court. The Dictator had ordered a golden vessel for one of the temples in Syracuse. It was ordered from a famous goldsmith. When the vessel arrived, the dictator became suspicious. He suspected the goldsmith of cheating. Silver was less valuable and he thought that the golden vessel was largely of silver. But how to prove this.
Well, this is where Archimedes got in. Gold was heavier, than silver; so to reach the agreed weight, the volume would increase. So proving that the artist had stolen some gold. The Dictator's intuition proved right, the vessel contained silver. The story does not tell, what happened to the gold-smith. Archimedes was a practical man. His theoretical insights made it possible to develop all kinds of weapons. Syracuse was besieged by the Romans, but the Roman fleet could not approach the city walls. Under the supervision of this genius, in this respect surpassing Leonardo da Vinci., large mirrors were build, that set the sails on fire. Local historians describe cranes, that lifted the enemy ships out of the water.Some say he invented “Greek fire”, a chemical substance, that even burned on water.
But Romans never give up and in the end, Syracuse fell and the legionnaires looted the town. Archimedes was killed during this raid. A young soldier stabbed him. Because he did not want to be disturbed during his calculations.
Just a few notes of Archimedes survived, so it was a sensation, that a complete book surfaced. In a monastery, the monks ran out of parchment. They scraped off an old text (the one of the Greek mathematician) and turned it into a prayer book. Recently pecial X-ray-techniques made the original text visible. Once again his genius had endured time.
Another genius in the “Greek-timeframe” was Heron of Alexandria. He invented a steam engine. He used this power to open and close temple-doors, to move statues and to even make the Gods fly. It is, that he didnot put wheels under it. A railway from Alexandria to Jerusalem would be possible.
In the beginning of the 20th century another “Eureka-moment” took place. A diver near the small island of Antikythera was searching for sponges, when he suddenly surface. He cried out that “the sea-floor is covered with corpses!” The sponge divers had found the wreck of a Roman ship, which sank about 200 AD. The vessel transported stone, marble and bronze statuettes. Looted in Greece and on their way to Rome, to be added to its glory. Fortunately, the expedition went wrong. Apart from the statues, the divers found a block of coral-stone, with strange metallic pieces in side. The stone was kept in the cellars of the museum in Athens for a long time. This artifact was X-rayed in the last century and it became an overnight sensation. Inside the stone a metallic clock like object was found. Later it proofed to be an astronomical device of great ingenuity. Still the question remains: did the Greeks posses the brains and the technology to these seafaring tools and could also be used for calculating the next Olympics. Where there more of them or was this an exception? Was it a legacy of Archimedes or his students. If this was “ common technology ”, we need a completely different look on the seafaring and trading of the Greek.


CRPF kills 20 Naxalites in Chhattisgarh

CRPF kills 20 Naxalites in Chhattisgarh:

In a major crackdown by CRPF, at least 20 Naxalites, including a woman, were killed in a fierce overnight encounter in the dense jungles of Dantewada in Chhattisgarh.



 Baptist and Catholic men had a higher BMI as compared with those with no religious affiliations.

Fake encounter: 5 Army officers to face court martial

Fake encounter: 5 Army officers to face court martial:

According to a CBI probe, in March 2000 following the Chittisinghpura massacre, the Army killed five Kashmiri civilians in a fake encounter in Anantnag district.

Fed-up Lebanese protest against protests

Fed-up Lebanese protest against protests:

Dozens of Lebanese, exasperated by rampant tyre-burning protests across the country, rolled out tyres and stopped traffic in the capital Beirut on Thursday.

vrijdag 29 juni 2012


Everything is interconnected. Connections consisting of several layers, dimensions and levels of existence. Every root in a forest is connected. They protect and maintain each other, even on an emotional level. Plants that are worshipped during growth, talked to and treated well (like ganja f.i.), perform excellent. Even the water, the plants use, reflect emotions and even react to music. You can imagine, what happens in a forest (emotionally, spiritual and physical), when the chainsaw-gang arrives. Trees are connected, by means of their height and canopy. Watching life in the treetops, opened up a completely new worlds to botanists and biologists. Completely unknown plants and species of butterflies, frogs and even monkeys, were seen for the first time. Seen from above, by satellite, scientists discovered the diversity and harmony of the trees and plant life. This world is destroyed too, because of our insatiable hunger for wood. This ends up in our houses as souvenirs and decoration.
In Africa certain trees warned each other. When an elephant arrived, that started eating, all the trees changed the chemicals in the leaves. They became less edible. The number of birds do not show you, how “natural” an area is. It's the diversity that counts. All the insects, birds and mammals interact with each other. Is there enough to eat, the number of owls grow, because many mice survive. But butterflies harvest on different flowers and mammals eat different plants. When diversity disappears, decline begins.
That's what happened in “Lake Victoria”. This African lake was famous for its divers and colorful fishes. They were liked by fans of tropical fish, all over the world. This type of fish is completely gone and because this eco-system was unique, probably forever. This eco-disaster is completely man-made. To boost the local fishing-industry, the “nile-perch” was introduced. This alien took completely over. Being a predator, unknown to the “locals”, this was heaven. The perches grew bigger and bigger. Now they are eating each other. But the lake has changed too. All the fish had a well defined place in the eco-system. Some ate plankton, some ate plants, some ate insects. This is Darwin's nightmare. The perches don't do things like that. “Lake Victoria” is a place of death

de koppen van MEI 2011

Nemesis '89 - Execution of Nicolae and Elena Ceau┼čescu


JPMorgan trading losses may reach $9bn: Report

JPMorgan trading losses may reach $9bn: Report:

Losses on JPMorgan Chase's bungled trade could total as much as $9 billion, far exceeding earlier public estimates, according to people who have been briefed on the situation.

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Boeren die rijst planten. Niks bijzonders?
Kijk op deze site hoe het rijstveld er na een paar maanden uitziet.

HAL SAFLIENI HYPOGEUM, underground temple, MALTA

The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider.

Klerksdorp Spheres are "out of place" artifacts, found in sedimentary rock, in a coal / diamond mine near Ottosdal, South Africa. It is believed these objects are up to 3.8 billion years old. These objects are spherical/ovoid shaped -- similar to how a planet like Earth or Jupiter are "squished" -- all planets are not perfectly round, they are "bulged" at their equator due to the planet's rotation.

klerksdorp sphere (4-5 cent,)
The word Hebrew means Israelite. The Lost Ten Tribes went to the West. This is reflected in many ways including the ethnic names they gave themselves. The Celts called themselves Iberi, Hiberi, or Iveri which are all derived from the Biblical Hebrew pronounciation of the name Hebrew.
The Celts Called Themselves Hebrews!



Without king David and king Salomon, Judaism and Israel would not exist. This is stated in a NGC -production called:

Judaism; inside the Torah”. Jewish archeologists are, since the birth of Israel after the Second World War, searching for proof. Did these two kings lay the foundation for a Jewish society and the Judaic religious tradition? Commonly accepted, look out for statements like that!, the Exodus took place around 1200 BC. David would have captured Jerusalem around 1000 BC. His son Salomon

built the first Temple and made Jerusalem a place of wonder and worship, with trade routes to Arabia and Africa (the queen of Sheba).

The stories of David are embedded in regional folklore and in the Bible. There is hardly any evidence. David volunteers to fight a Filistine price fighter called Goliath. This was a giant, over 10 feet tall. The scene depicted is an anomaly. Goliath is wearing the armor of a Greek hero of the 7th century BC. The Filistines themselves, arch-enemies of the Hebrews, were probably refugees. After a volcanic eruption, Crete and other Aegean islands, were flooded by a huge tsunami. The Minoan civilization was destroyed and survivors fled to the Holy Land. They were there before the Jews. Both nations were desperately looking and fighting for a new home land.

Excavations for Salomons temple have not been successful. There is no archeological evidence. Jerusalem was habituated, but is was just a small village. No remnants of walls, palaces or the First Temple have been found. Aninscription that referred to “Solomon's temple” proved out to be a fake. This was a elaborate plot to prove the rightfulness of Israel's existence. Of David it is said, that his name is mentioned on a stele of a local king. This kind names his many victories, one of which was over “the House of David”. After the “Solomon-debacle” experts want to do research on this artifact.

There is some good news though. The temple of Solomon has been found. Not in Jerusalem, but in Syria! Recent excavations have unearthed a big temple-complex which many characteristics of the Temple as described in the Bible. Historical after all?

woensdag 27 juni 2012


When I first visited the famous British Museum the
antiques-department stunned me. The Louvre had a huge Egyptian collection, but the British had moved complete city-walls, huge statues and beautiful artwork. The famous “Algin-marbles” were exhibited, they still are, ornaments of the Athenian Parthenon. Greece wants them back (and I think they are right), but the English refuse. They are the heirs and preservers of civilization and they kept and preserved them for centuries. They were even payed for!
So the French ship with the Napoleonic looting of Egypt was not the only one that reached London. Not only the British but also
the French, the Italians, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the German and even the Belgians accumulated huge amounts of somebody else roots. They will have to go back to the original owners, which will boost national identity in a positive way. Indeed, many things will come to pass.
So archeologist, historians and researches are studying artifacts completely out of context. Many object were lost in the archives, warehouses and attics. Individuals and collectives of grave-robbers smuggled jewelry and small objects out of Greece, Persia or Egypt. There still is a huge black market for antiques and there are enough collectors willing to pay huge amounts of money for golden or silver objects. Many of it is molten down to be turned into coins or bars. The Spanish are responsible for one of the biggest genocide in the history of humankind. In their greed for gold (and souls) the Indian-civilizations in Meso-America were destroyed, their people massacred. Unknown diseases were imported, that decimated the Aztecs, Inca and others. The second generation of conquistadores conquered empty cities. The return fleet was laden with silver and gold (and corn, potatoes, tobacco and cocaine) and some artifacts.
Sometimes an artifact is found and nobody knows, what it is. It does not fit.This is called an anomaly. The famous “Bagdad-battery” is an example, so is the “Antekythera-mechanism”. In this context you have to realize, that everything moves, changes, travels and even gets lost. When an anomaly is found, you have to be extra careful. I'll give you an example. A Dutch amateur-archeologist, named Tjerk Vermaning, found stone-age tools around his home-town in Drenthe, about forty years ago. A huge discussion erupted, that broke several academic reputations. Vermaning thought, that history had to be rewritten.
He was right, but it was not their own.
In the northern part of Holland people lived for millenia on “terpen” natural of artificial hills in the flat landscape. The region was regularly flooded and the “terpen” grew in height. The Dutch managed to gain the upperhand and the sea and the rivers were sealed of and the land became habitable. All the time the “terpen” were used to live on. In the 19th century farmers in the western part of Holland wanted to improve the quality of their land. They used natural fertilizers, but discovered that the old mounds in “Friesland” and “Groningen”, contained extremely fertile soil. Being merchants the Frisian sold the soil and traditional living-areas were dug off and disappeared. The clay in this area was extremely fertile too. So the Frisians sold clay as well. Especially to Drenthe, being sandy and poor. In recent years archeologists discovered that the mounds were of great historical importance. Even Roman artifacts are found.
Tjerk Vermaning was right. The stone-age tools were special and they would rewrite history. The history of the Northern Kingdom of Atlantis.


The rise of Napoleon parallels the decline of the French monarchy. His father and mother (Laetitia) had fought against the French, when they conquered Corsica in the 18th century. His father switched sides and became a solid supporter of the French regime, became a member of parliament and visited Paris and Versailles, with all its royal splendor. He realized that the future of his son was on the continent. He managed to obtain a scholarship for his son Maximillian. At the military academy he studied several years and his teachers saw him as promising. But not being an aristocrat made his chances for a military career small. In 1789 Paris erupted. In a wave of violence, revolutionary masses and terror, the monarchy was toppled. Louis the 16th and his wife Marie-Antoinette, and with them tens of thousands of aristocrats were beheaded. The preferred way was the guillotine, designed by a French doctor to humanize the death penalty. French was in a state of civil war and many aristocrats, who served in the army, left the country. Napoleon was promoted and his first task was to drive out the English, who had conquered Toulon. He did this by charging a hill-fort and blowing the British fleet out of the water. Napoleon Bonaparte was an instant success and he was promoted to brigade-general. The French army had not been payed for several years and France was at war with England, Austria and Spain. He motivated his troops by looting Italy and pushing back the Austrians. After that he moved an army of 35.000 to Egypt. Napoleon wanted to break the naval power of England by occupying the land of the Pharaohs. Napoleon was accompanied by archeologists, historians and artists. The treasure and archeological richness of Egypt made them make this journey.
Napoleon crashed the “Mammalucs”, the elite-troops of the Ottoman Empire. His archeologists were busy like children in a candy-shop. One of them was named Champollion. He was specially interested in the hieroglyphics. A pictorial language nobody understood. But he got lucky. At Rosetta a stone was dug. On it were hieroglyphs, but also a translation in Aramaic, a form of writing he knew. This made it possible to make a start with the translation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs. But why is this stone in London?
The ship, Napoleon used to transport his treasures to France, was captured by the famous English admiral Nelson, later Lord Nelson.
Napoleon was stuck in Egypt because the French fleet was destroyed or captured. But drinking tea and watching the camels go by, was not Napoleon's style. He left his troops behind, managed to escape from Nelson's fleet and landed in France as a victorious general. Heading for Empire.

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something to think about


SiTU Harns Museum of Natural Mysteries



UFO's boven Waddenzee en Harlingen |

HARLINGEN - Het programma Nederland van Boven filmde op 23 oktober 2011 een onbekend object boven de Waddenzee.

UFO boven Waddenzee bij Harlingen

De camera van Nederland van Boven filmde op zondag 23 oktober 2011 een bijzonder object boven de Waddenzee. In een flits schiet de UFO voorbij ergens tussen Harlingen en Terschelling, kijkend in zuidwestelijke richting (in de verte zie je de Afsluitdijk), vermoedelijk tussen 16.30 en 17.00 uur.

De redactie van het programma vraagt zich af wat ze nu eigenlijk heeft gefilmd en roept
de hulp van de kijker in. "Hou er rekening mee dat de camera erg kan inzoomen. Dat kan de snelheid waarmee het object lijkt te vliegen, beïnvloeden. We weten zelf overigens echt niet wat het is. Mogelijk is het gewoon een vogel, maar het lijkt een vreemde vorm te hebben voor een vogel. Wie maakt ons wijzer?"

Harlingen 27 april - Onbekend object gefotografeerd
Geachte leden van Niburu,

Mijn naam is M.S. Ik woon in Harlingen, Friesland, ik heb een vriend die in een dorpje woont hier dichtbij.

Ik bezoek hem regelmatig, maar op een dag was hij niet thuis dus heb ik gewacht, maar het duurde nogal lang. Toen kwam ik op het idee om een stukje te gaan fietsen om een beetje de tijd te doden.

Toen ik op een gegeven moment tussen twee dorpjes fietsten, kreeg ik strek het gevoel dat ik foto's moest maken, iets wat ik vrijwel nooit doe met mijn mobiele telefoon.

Ik kan mij heel goed herinneren dat er vrijwel niks in de lucht was te zien, dat was ook op de foto's te zien, dacht ik.

Het was een mooie dag met vrijwel geen bewolking. Verder heb ik helemaal niet meer naar die foto's omgekeken tot ik besloot om de foto's via mijn telefoon op mijn pc tegaan zetten. En tot mijn grote verbazing is er toch iets heel duidelijks op een paar van de foto's te zien. En ik ben heel benieuwd wat anderen er van vinden, dus bij deze als mensen een reactie willen delen met mij, geef ik bij deze mijn email adres:

SHADOW GOVERNMENT provides up-to-the minute analysis of the ever changing technological landscape and new evidence that an ultra-secret global elite controls technology, finance, international law, world trade, political power and vast military capabilities.


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A third of all food produced globally is wasted: UN

A third of all food produced globally is wasted: UN:

 One-third of food produced globally every year does not reach human mouths – it is either lost in transit or wasted by consumers themselves.


This documentary details the epidemic of fear in our society, ranging from child predators to terrorism. It features interviews with Dr. Noam Chomsky, David Kucinish, and many other experts offering an in-depth exploration on various topics of fear.


Today I would like to tell you something about “Gizeh-intelligence.” This intelligence is in fact no intelligence at all, but the power to command natural forces at will. Ra for instance, was the Egyptian Sun-god, who was also worshipped under the name of Amon. These entities reacted to the worship, which was given to them. This is what gave them power. It lead to worship and devotion for their personal assistants in the land of the Nile, the Pharaohs. The names of this god-like entities were used as a kind of Red Bull-drink. The gods and goddesses, the Upper and Lower Kingdom, the pharaohs, the priests and even the people of Egypt flourished. This process resulted in a enormous amount of art, which we now can admire in the museums around the world. The Gods and the ruling class on earth started to feel superior. This superiority led to enormous infiltration of social life by religious mantric customs. The Gods, and goddesses of course; excuse my male programming, projected themselves on earth, by the names the Egyptians used. Ramses was a popular name and it simply means son. Son (moses) of Ra. Tutmoses simply means son of Tut. The Hebrew Moses had a Egyptian name. You have to imagine an Egyptian city, filled with beautiful temples, where priests and priestesses prayed and chanted the names of the deities. People murmur personal prayers and wear amulets and colors that honor them. There is music, fire, dance and sacrifice all to honor your name, day and night! Egypt was a kind of powerhouse, an energy vortex in this part of the world, the Gizeh-plateau; Centre of the world. One of the centers, that drew visitors for as far as Atlantis. That's how tobacco and cocaine ended up inside ancient mummies.
It needed the Persians. The Greeks and the Romans to destroy this organic, holistic and super-productive system. But the deities did not disappear and the descendants of the dynasties survived as well. But the temples were looted and the palaces burned to the ground. Graves and pyramids were plundered and only a few kept the rituals intact. And they had a, hidden, weapon. Language can be used a a carriage, but it can also be used as a weapon. The names of the Egyptian gods made it all the way into the Christian tradition. Osiris was killed by his brother Seth and resurrected on the 21st of December. He had followers and performed miracles and finally became a God. Amon's name is heard all over the world, when Christians finish their prayers, when they say “amen”. When you look in an etymological dictionary, you will read that the experts cannot explain the name Maria, completely. It is hidden. Well it is hidden in plain sight. “Maria” represents the female aspects of the sungod Ra. Allah Akbar.


The New Egypt: 'Our Capital Shall Be Jerusalem, Allahu Ackbar!'

SiTU Warning

Britain puts Fighter Jets on Standby to Launch Attack on Syria

Britain puts Fighter Jets on Standby to Launch Attack on Syria

June 25, 2012 - British media reports say the country’s fighter planes are on stand-by to invade Syria if Britain’s NATO ally, Turkey, decides to launch a strike on Syria in retaliation for shooting down a Turkish jet fighter.

The Daily Star reported that British fighter jets are on stand-by to launch a strike on
Syria while Turkish President Abdullah Gul has admitted the Turkish Phantom jet fighter might have violated Syria’s airspace.

On Friday 22 June,
Syria announced that its air defence forces shot down a Turkish F-4 Phantom in the Syrian airspace. One day later, in an interview with Turkey’s state-run Anatolia news agency, Gul admitted that the Turkish jet fighter might have violated Syria’s airspace.

Investigation X - UFO Outbreak (Full) [Video]

Investigation X - UFO Outbreak (Full) [Video]

Delhi, Mumbai selected for missile defence shield

Delhi, Mumbai selected for missile defence shield:

The system was first test-fired in Nov 2006 elevating India into the elite club of countries having an anti-ballistic missile system after the US, Russia and Israel.



Growth is an aspect of change and we, human beings are depended on growth, for instance for our food. Growth can be measured linear. As a child I was measured once in a while. Small markings on the wall resembling my growth. Linear measuring is used for distances and time. You have to realize, that this one way to analyze growth. There are many other ways. I already told you about the exponential aspect of growth, where after a while, the figures explode through the roof. In 2011 the world population was estimated to be about 7 billion people. Every year there is a growth of almost 2 percent. This means, that in 30 – 40 years the world population will have doubled! This means a giant claim on our food resources. But nobody seems to care. In my own country we are flooding precious farming land for leisure or nature. Instead we should prepare for the future. But instead all countries on this planet are planning for war. A trillion dollars year are spend, world wide. Half of the budget is American, a country which is near to a social collapse and has an immense debt, which is still growing.
The third way to measure growth is an aspect of “sacred gerometry”, called the “Fibonacci-sequence”. It is a sequence, which is found in nature. It is found in artichokes, in sun-flowers and in sea-shells. The pattern (sequence) is visible in trees and even in the human body. How is the sequence constructed, made visible? According to Leonardo Pisano nature manifests imminent laws in their growth-patters as follows: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13 etc. Just check a flower. The famous temples of Karnak in Egypt,are dedicated to Nature and is constructed conform the “Fibonacci-sequence”. It was a way to guide the initiation of the visitors. An initiation into the secrets of nature. This famous sequence can also be expressed in geometrical forms and is found in famous paintings like Leonardo's “Mona Lisa”. This I call secret knowledge. Not forbidden or dangerous, but it makes 4-dimensional growth possible. It is an invisible science, a tool.
Why I am not satisfied? Because, when you use them as tools, you have to admit that they are insufficient to conquer suffering. For me, it has to do with the number 0. The symbol for nothing and making it possible to divide it. Less than nothing. 0 is just a tool and a symbol for astonishment and wonder. But here it stops. Phi drives you mad! Growth is natural way of expression for an organism, but when does something new start. Not when we add 0 and 1, to put a step forward, following the other Leonardo. I like to start counting with one. One plus one is nothing new, I prefer change. One plus one is 3!

zondag 24 juni 2012


Does God exist? Is atheism the ultimate conclusion? Is their a creator or not? Was Darwin wrong?
To start with your last question. Yes, Darwin was wrong. He was naive and arrogant and suffered from periods of depression and euphoria. Evolution exist but it is a scientific method. See the evolution of computers and data-processing. It goes for plants, but not completely (See: The magic lily) and most certainly not for animals or humans. This is what Darwin had in mind. He wanted to prove the superiority of the British (the white race, the Empire). In society there also was the principle of the survival of the fittest. If you were on top, you have proven your species as superior. The battle was a continuous one and on a global scale. It manifested itself in a pure form during the Nazi-period. There was no problem in killing people, because they were sub-human and a hinder to the necessary evolution of mankind. Darwin's view shocked religion and the rumor goes that Satan himself, “overshadowed” Charles and personally dictated “The origin of Species”.
Is there A Creator. In the form of one entity, creating our world in 6 days, it's a lie or maybe a metaphor. Creation is a chain of events. Events, we influence ourselves. Like Cesar Millan is showing dog lovers, how their energy influences their dogs; the same goes for human to human contact. Sick people, who know that they are prayed for, recover faster. Meditating yogi's influence the crime-rate and believers flock at Stonehenge, to feel the earth breathing and the spirit flowing. In a way, you are a creator and the more you realise this, the bigger your responsibility. Google “noetic science” if you want to learn more. It's an interesting topic.
Is atheism the ultimate conclusion? Atheism, as: knowing for sure that the monotheistic explanation is false and insufficient. Accepting this, you are blindfolding your self. Religion as a “level of experience” exists. Trance and devotion lead to revelation. So does starvation. Religion and even tradition provides you with answers to questions about life and death. Why is the coffin carried out of the house (sometimes out of the window) feet first. Why did the carriers walk several times around the church. On Bali during a yearly ritual all lights go out and even the airfield is dark an closed. In that night the (evil) spirits fly through the sky and the Balinese don't want to be found. Does atheism have an answer to this?
Does God exist. The God we know of in the Bible? Maybe a force like that exists. But I am afraid there are many more.
Letter to a student (Jian, tcm, SiTU)

UFO Hunters: The UFO Before Roswell (FULL)

UFO Hunters: The UFO Before Roswell (FULL) [Video]


Roswell - The UFO Uncover-up Updated [FULL] [Video]

Roswell - The UFO Uncover-up Updated [FULL] [Video]


AnkerThe Roswell UFO Incident was a report of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947, allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and of conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object that crashed. The United States Armed Forces maintains that what was recovered was debris from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon belonging to a classified program named "Mogul";[1] however, many UFO proponents maintain that an alien craft was found and its occupants were captured, and that the military then engaged in a cover-up.
Do aliens exist? This question is haunting me since I first read a SF-novel. My first was a story of young Dutch kids, who became believers and were rewarded with a trip around the universe. Still sounds nice to me.
The question about aliens and ufos made a dramatic turn in 1947. Near the town of Roswell, New Mexico, some farmers found strange debris on their lands and they informed the Air Force, at the nearby base. In the world of ufologists and conspiracy, the following press-release is famous. The Air Force stated, that they had recovered the remains of a flying saucer. Ufologists go even further and state, that (dead) aliens were found. The next day a new press-release came. The military had made a mistake. The debris found were the remains of a weather balloon. The controversy started then and is still raging. Evidence and witnesses are still popping up. They all confirm the ufologist point of view: the Roswell-incident was an alien crash and the government are denying the facts and covering it up. In the meantime alien technology is adapted to earthly circumstances. Best known as a so called “Black Project” is Area 51. This testing facility in the Nevada dessert is operational since 1955. It consists of about 30 hangars and buildings and airstrips. Personnel is flown in from Las Vegas and the facility is extremely guarded and tress passers will be shot on sight.
Roswell was NOT an incident. It is a part of a chain of events, which were the result of the testing and exploiting of nuclear weapons. These tests started in 1945 in the Nevada dessert. The first A-bomb dropped on Japan, was flown there by the bomber “Enola Gay”, which was stationed at Roswell, New Mexico. This drew all kinds of attention and the chain reaction has not stopped. Ufo-sightings and alien contacts have become part of the global amusement industry. Our world is changing and some things become visible and active again. Officially unidentified flying objects do not exist. Strangely enough pilots state that they shot at them. Shooting at something that does not exist.


Disorientation in space and time is a natural phenomenon, so is orientation. Disorientation happens when you assume that everything stays mainly the same. Egypt has always been a dessert f.i. or Antarctica has always been covered with ice. This is definitively not the case. Antarctica once was tropical and the Black Sea was a sweet water lake.
When you orient yourself in “time”, you always have to remember, that sea-levels have risen, in the last 20.000 years, by more than 120 meters! This means that our ancestors lived in a completely different world. I could have walked from here to England or to northern Africa.
The Black Sea is a good example of this process. It used to be a sweet water lake on which shores lived people. It would be a nice environment. A nice climate and lots of game and fish. Around 10.000 years ago, a vibrant culture could be found here. They build farms, bigger than our contemporary ones. They were excellent metallurgists and toolmakers and their dead were buried with beautiful golden statuettes and ornaments. But suddenly this changed and by 5000 BC. they vanished. How come?
In recent years oceanographers have searched the waters of the Black Sea. They discovered the remains of buildings and ships. Also older shorelines could be distinguished. Analyzing these data several possibilities surfaced. The shores of the Black Sea-area were flooded about 8 to 5 thousands ago. Salt water of the Mediterranean found a way in and the flooding became unstoppable. Could this be the basis of the stories of the “Great Flood” we find not only in the Bible. The 4000 year old Gilgamesh Epic” from Mesopotamia contains a Flood story. This tells of a Sumerian “Noah” and his rescue from the Flood. A Flood which was too the result of an act of God, Enki this time, who could no longer stand the noise and turmoil produced by mankind.
Flood stories seem universal and that's quite natural. All over the world stories are told over disasters, that are extremely destructive. Survival was a blessing from the Gods. Not only in the Black Sea flooded history is revealed. Near Okinawa (Japan) an underwater structure is found, which seem to be the remnants of a city. A city more than 10.000 years old. The same is true for the famous “City of Lord Krishna”, near the western Indian coast. These finds completely change our view on history and human development. Maybe Paradise did exist and did a worldwide flood, occur. And there is no reason to think that it was the first or the last time. Due to global warming, sea levels may rise even further.

SiTU Harns Museum of Natural Mysteries


Ancient X Files - The Great Flood

Ancient X Files S02E08 The Great Flood [Video]

NEW Urgent Warning To All Cell Phone Users [Video]

NEW Urgent Warning To All Cell Phone Users [Video]

[18-June-12] New Powerful David Icke Interview [Bewusst.TV] [Video]

[18-June-12] New Powerful David Icke Interview [Bewusst.TV] [Video]

Baltic Sea UFO-USO Disables All Electronic Equipment, June 21st 2012 [Video]

Baltic Sea UFO-USO Disables All Electronic Equipment, June 21st 2012 [Video]

zaterdag 23 juni 2012

The Truth - Why Nasa Has Never Returned To The Moon
Part 2



There once was a magic waterlilly. It drifted all alone in a moat, that completely surrounded an old, medieval castle. Why was the water plant magical? The waterlilly split up during the night. So after one night, there were 2 waterlillies, the next morning 4, the day after that 8 and so on, and so on. After 20 nights half of the moat was felled with these beautiful flowers. The question is: How long will it take, before the lillies cover all the water.
Think about it; the question is crucial to decide, wether you are part of the problem or part of the solution. When your answer is 40, you don't understand the consequences of exponential growth. A method widely used in economy, banking and enterprise. Economy is based on growth, like the waterlilly is based on growth. Exponential growth, which means that the moat will be filled with waterlillies the next morning! An economy based on exponential growth needs disasters and throwbacks, to start all over again.
But we reached a limit. Oil for instance is getting scarce. The reserves are limited, while in the prognoses, we can grow on forever. It means that the oilcompanies are willing to risk enormous environmental disasters, to fulfill our short-time needs. Those same companies are having a huge profit, due to global warming. The North Pole-region can be exploited and polluted as well. Having no alternative, at least not one that they know of, citizens are manipulated to accept an environmental collapse, as a result of our behavior.
Let me illustrate my point, with a Chinese fairy-tale. The emperor had promised the inventor of the game of chess, that he would fulfill any wish. The emperor saw the importance of the invention and the pr-qualities of his generosity. The inventor seemed a simple man and the emperor invited him near his throne and asked him to utter his wish.
Slowly formulating the man said, while producing his chessboard.
I wish me one grain of wheat on the first quadrant of the board, 2 on the next, 4 on the third ..” His Royal Highness interrupted his guest and said: “I will fulfill your wish. Come back in a week.”
Shortly after the inventor left the palace, the treasurer of the Emperor came and said, that the wish could not be fulfilled! After a while, the wheat designed to a quadrant, would be equal to the production of wheat of the whole Empire. In total the board had 64 quadrants. The last amounts would be astronomical.
The Emperor sat down for a while, after which he ordered the inventor and his family to be killed. In that way, the belief in the supreme powers of the Emperor would not be challenged. Machiavelli would have agreed.
Japan 8.9 earthquake caused by the U.S. Government with H.A.A.R.P.!!!!


You don't understand the story about the “Two Wishes” and its relation with the end of our capitalistic global economy? Well, it's a funny one and it contains a message about addiction. Our economy is based on addiction. Addiction to consumption. The product we use or eat consists of addictive materials. They are in our foods, in our drinks and in the air. And we never get satisfied. That's why we keep moving on, desperately searching to fulfill our greed, lust and all the other “Highways to Hell”. Karl Marx has predicted this. For him the end of slavery would come. It was a law. It was determined. And from that moment on communists and socialist are awaiting this “revolution”. They even tried to emanate this moment in history by taking up the arms against the government. This happened in Tsarist Russia. The army was numerous, but they lacked training, arms and motivation. They were slaughtered at the Eastern Front and the Tsar made a peace treaty with the Austrian-German and Ottoman allies. The disillusioned soldiers started rioting. The Germans saw a great opportunity here. A communist in exile, named Lenin, was transported by train from Switzerland to Russia. He immediately started to organize a revolution, which cost the Tsarist family their life; but also thousands of noblemen, military and clerks were killed and their possessions looted. The immense wealth of Russia was stripped and hidden. The Orthodox Church became marginalized and it lasted till the end of the 20th century, that religious freedoms were regained and the Russian-Orthodox Church is regaining some of its splendor and influence.

There circulate some strange stories around the start of the “Great War”. In the years before 1914 all major countries were participating in an arms race. So was the Ottoman Empire. In England they ordered two battleships to be build. A sign, because Istanbul could have ordered the ships in Germany. But at a given moment the British realized, that they needed the ships themselves. And though they were being payed for, the two ships were confiscated. The Ottomans were furious and Germany made good use of it. They immediately offered to warships (crews included) and the ships steamed towards Istanbul (and the Black Sea). When they arrived in that harbor, they were welcomed enthusiastically by the Ottomans. The ships were renamed, baptized and from that moment they used the Ottoman banner. Still the crew was mostly German and during an expedition on the Black Sea the German commander opened fire on the Russian mainland.

In a reaction Russia declared war on the Ottomans, who, after this proclamation of war allied with Germany against Russia. This bizarre incident, well planned by the Germans, lead to the famous battle at Gallipoli, where the Turcs killed thousands of Australian troops on the beach. The Aussies didn't know why they had to fight or for what purpose. Gallipoli was a major defeat for England and in fact for Winston Churchill. He was the commander-in-chief for that operation.

Yes, they are other stories. So it seams, that the German emperor wanted to stop the preparations to start a war at the Western Front. He phoned his commander-in-chief von Moltke and ordered him to stop the whole operation. Von Moltke”s answer was short, but clear. “Your Majesty, that is impossible. The trains are moving already.”

vrijdag 22 juni 2012


Let me answer your question of the collapse of our capitalistic society, with a story. It's a story about a Frisian nobleman, who had participate in one of the many battles and raids, which worn down the lands. His lord had lost the battle and maybe his life. Our hero had lost his harness, sword and horse. Barely dressed he ran home.
An icy wind chilled him to the bone and continuous rainfall blocked his sight and path. But he knew his way. Back home, which was nothing more than a fortified wooden farm, but which he called a “state”, a castle. The terrain was muddy, wooded and small streams were meandering down the fields. While he was running, he thought about the lost battle and about the senseless of it all. The 7 Frisian homelands had shrunken and what remained was a battlefield, with no solution in sight. It was mainly a struggle between tradition and innovation. But it was a bitter one and it had divided families and friends. His “boss”, the local warlord, fought for liberty and independence so to say, the opponents fought for emancipation through economic development. So far so good.
Our hero was running home and he was making good process. A small stream would not halt him and he was on the edge of jumping over it, when he heard a voice: “Stop, please stop”. Our poor wet knight halted and after clearing his eyes, he saw a small gnome, standing on the other side. He had heard stories about them, but had never seen one before. He walked through the water to the other side, where the creature was standing. He, it was definitively male, was about 45 centimeters tall, dressed in a brown robe, wore a cap and a long grayish beard. With a cracking, almost feminine voice the gnome thanked him. As a reward he said, the knight may do two wishes, which he would fulfill. The exhausted knight thought for a while and said: “I wish me a golden cup, which will always be filled with excellent beer!” Immediately after he had uttered these words a golden cup, was floating before him in the rain and it was filled with beer. Our hero looked around, but this mysterious being was gone. He did not hesitate and he ran further, home, to try out his gift.
Two weeks later our knight sat in his kitchen. He had a headache. The golden cup was a miracle and many friends visited him regularly to party.
Slowly he walked to the door, opened it and saw the gnome, which life he saved, standing before him. “I promised you two wishes and I have fulfilled only one. What is your second wish?” Our hero looked bewildered, thought for a while and said: “This one is fine,
I'll have another one”.

SiTU Harns Museum of Natural Mysteries

Nabta Playa Observatory, southern Egypt


Pentagon has sacked an instructor who presented anti-Islamic study materials in a course.

donderdag 21 juni 2012


Zoroaster was the founder of one of oldest, still existing religions or religious movements, on this planet. Recent studies have proven that Zoroaster lived between 1400 – 1200 BC, somewhere in Persia. He divided the world into two opposite forces. Good and evil; darkness or light. The so-called “Copper Scroll”, one of the many scrolls found around Qum'ran. This was a central place of worship and studies for the Essenes, a pre-christian sect, which the Romans slaughtered and driven out of Qum'ran. It seemed that the Essenes sensed that they were doomed (which they thought anyway) and they hid their library in the desert caves. The first scrolls were discovered by shepherds and many more followed. After World War 2 many scrolls, papyri and documents have been found. In total it set historical and religious thinking up side down. A gospel of Thomas was found, a gospel of Mary Magdalene and even a gospel of Judas. Mary Magdalena's gospel consists of a few scratches of parchment, but the message was sensational. It clearly stated, that Jesus kissed Mary on the …. Nobody knows for sure, because rats ate away the rest of the sentence. But I am not so sure about that.
The Copper scroll” is one of the few metallic scrolls or booklets found. It could date from before the birth of Jesus. This scroll contains information about that war, mentioned by Zoroaster. 7 wars would be fought. 6 of them have passed. Three of the wars were won by darkness, three of them by “the light”. We live in the stale-mate before the last, definitive war. For cosmic reasons Zoroaster and the writer of the “Copper Scroll” believed that good will triumph. Many religions are openly praying for the arrival of a leader and spiritual guide. He will do the fighting for us.
I am not so sure about that either.
What major decisive wars do I know of. At school we learned more about the occupation by the Romans, then they did about World War 1 and even, World War 2. In Russia the liberation from the Nazi's is still a driving and inspiring force. But later on I got slightly possessed by this period and especially, what did my family do, my future parents. World War One was a slaughterhouse too. Millions of victims. It toppled 4 empires. The Austrian-Hungarian, Russian, German and Ottoman dynasties were, in Russia four sure, replaced by secular government. This was a definite change of power. Had the good side one? And what happened to the entourage of the royal court and the heirs to the throne. The German Elite did choose for Hitler. Not out of revenge, but they thought that he could win.

UFO phenomena supported by a host of highly acclaimed individuals who have enough evidence to make the world believe what is actually going on in our world in contrast to what we can see from behind the massive veil of deception. The dark clouds of lies. The so called elite love to lie to keep power over us all. This video clip comes from "SafeSpace UFO Documentary - Fastwalkers Files Disclosure".

SiTU Museum of Natural Mysteries

Inca masonry, Peru

Hidden Archeology Cosmic Hierarchy [RADIO]

Hidden Archeology Cosmic Hierarchy [Video]
Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek, akaThe Elvis of cultural theory, is given the floor to show of his polemic style and whirlwind-like performance. The Giant of Ljubljana is bombarded with clips of popular media images and quotes by modern-day thinkers revolving around four major issues: the economical crisis, environment, Afghanistan and the end of democracy. Zizek grabs the opportunity to ruthlessly criticize modern capitalism and to give his view on our common future.

Living in the End Times According to Slavoj Zizek

US probe calls for punishment of troops in Quran burning

WASHINGTON: A US military investigation has recommended disciplinary action for up to seven troops over their role in the burning of Qurans at a base in Afghanistan, a US official said Tuesday.

No final decision has been made yet on the findings of a probe that examined the torching of Qurans at a US air base in February that sparked deadly riots, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
The investigation called for administrative punishment but no criminal charges of up to six Army troops and one member of the Navy, the official told AFP.


Yesterday. Julian Assange dramatically sought refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London. Now he has broken his “bail” and will be arrested. He overplayed his hand several times. He will have to hang as an example for all those, who want to expose the world we live in. He underestimated his vulnerability. The law, their law. Justice; their justice. In the Middle Ages a noble man did have to keep his promise towards a farmer. In court royalty always won, in the end.
Julian provoked a system, that is more decadent, destructive and inhuman, than you can imagine. We are cattle to them. Welcome to the reptilian world of power, face and destruction. Knowing and believing, that you are far superior to the life around you. A license to kill at will. Government, like the USA, that they can kill any-one, that forms a threat to the country. Home and abroad.
Julian Assange was framed in Sweden. Due to feminism, there are strict laws against sexual harassment and rape in that country (read Millennium!). Julian was having a big time. He was at the height of his career, though he would rise even more, and slept and had sex with two different women. Everybody was happy, they took him to a private place and had sex. Sex without a condom. I think, everybody still seemed happy. But having sex without a condom is a crime in Sweden. It's rape. The next morning, both women went to police to accuse our hero of raping them. I am sure that there is all kind of evidence, on tape even, and that the women were prostitutes working for the CIA or MI5. Julian will have to pay the price and maybe he is willing to. Everybody will see, that this is just a shadow of our future society.

woensdag 20 juni 2012

Julian Assange likely to be arrested: Police

LONDON: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who dramatically sought sanctuary in the Ecuador embassy here and applied for political asylum, could be arrested since he has breached one of his bail conditions, police said today.

The Metropolitan Police Service said that one of his bail conditions was that he would remain at the bail address between 22.00 hours and 0800 hours. This was breached last night after he sought sanctuary in the Ecuador embassy and sought political asylum.

India condemning millions to stay poor, Lakshmi Narayan Mittal says

India condemning millions to stay poor: LN Mittal
<font face="Verdana, sans-serif">Times of India</font>

NEW YORK: Joining the likes of NR Narayana Murthy and Azim Premji to blame the Indian government for policy inaction, UK-based NRI billionaire LN Mittal has said the country is potentially condemning millions to remain in poverty by not helping industrialization.

"Industrialisation is an important part of every major economy's development and by risking progress in this way, India is potentially condemning hundreds of millions to remain in poverty longer than previously anticipated," Chairman and CEO of world's largest steel-maker
ArcelorMittal said.

India, China, US lead job creation in Europe: Ernst & Young


MUMBAI: As Europe fights recession for the third year without much success so far, almost all jobs there were created by US, Indian and Chinese investors in 2011, an Ernst & Young survey said.

While US companies led the race by creating as much as 26 per cent of new jobs, India and China created the rest, accoubting for nearly 9,000 new jobs, which is 95 per cent of BRIC nations' contribution during the period, E&Y's 10th Annual European Attractiveness Survey said.

"The number of jobs created by
BRIC investors in Europe rose 8 per cent in 2011, with India and China together accounting as the largest players for 95 percent of job creation and 82 per cent of projects in the EU," it said.

India’s poverty removal pitch wins the day in Rio

NEW DELHI: India won the day, with the 192 countries gathered at Rio de Janeiro agreeing that eradicating poverty should be given the highest priority, overriding all other concerns to achieve sustainable development.

After a bitter fight with the developed countries, who wanted the objective of poverty eradication be made subservient to creating a 'green economy', India's demand to put the goal of removing poverty above all other objectives in the final Rio+20 declaration — called "The Future We Want" — was agreed to. The proposal found the unwavering backing of the G77 countries. The document, agreed upon on Tuesday and presented to the heads of states on Wednesday for final approval, says, "Eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge facing the world today and an indispensible requirement for sustainable development."
Giant waves flood shore temple in Mamallapuram

CHENNAI: Giant waves, more than 12 feet high, hit the northern side of the famous shore temple at Mamallapuram, 60 km from Chennai, on Tuesday evening, leaving the heritage monument three feet deep in water. Sea water gushed inland for about 75 metres, leaving behind a pool of water.
The temple town was virtually empty with more than 3,000 shops downing shutters to protest an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) proposal to take over an ancient Perumal temple in the town.



dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Parents adopt new 'natural' methods to kill baby girls

Parents adopt new 'natural' methods to kill baby girls:

According to medical authorities, members of some communities, infamous for killing baby girls, have now found a new way to make the deaths look 'natural'.

India announces $10bn for debt-wracked Eurozone

India announces $10bn for debt-wracked Eurozone:

India has previously pledged to make contributions to the bailout fund but did not disclose the exact amount of its contribution to the fund.


QUITO: WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange has asked for political asylum at Ecuador's embassy in London and officials in the South American nation are considering his request, its foreign minister said on Tuesday.

"Ecuador is studying and analyzing the request," foreign minister Ricardo Patino told reporters in Quito.

Assange faces
extradition to Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes after Britain's top court said last week that it had rejected a legal request to reconsider his case.


Maoists recruiting child soldiers: UN report
UN Secretary General’s annual report on children and armed conflict has said that Maoists recruit and indoctrinate children for children’s squads and associations.
Times of India

NEW DELHI: UN Secretary General's annual report on children and armed conflict said Maoists recruit and indoctrinate children for children's squads and associations, particularly in Chhattisgarh and some districts in adjoining states. This is part of the Maoist strategy for mass mobilization, the report said.

It also pointed to recruitment of children by vigilante groups like the Salwa Judum.
UN secretary generalBan Ki-moon recently sent the annual report to the Security Council. The report mentions the plight of children in conflict zones across the world.